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Containing all the latest news & gossip, freebies, and other stuff generally not available to the public. Not to worry, this does not imply any form of elitism, or cliques, or favoritism... it just simply means that you and the rest of the group will be better (and of a higher class & caliber) than the rest of the people coming here, that's all. Simple, right?

(Well.... I can't exacly prove the last one, but that's what they're all claiming...)

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are solely those of Eric Brooks. They do not necessarily reflect those of his employers, friends, contacts, family, or even his pets (though my cat, Puddy, seems to agree with me on many key issues.). In accordance to my terms of use, you hereby acknowledge my right to psychoanalyze you, practice accupuncture, and mock you incessantly with every visit. As the user, you also acknowledge that the author has been legally declared a "Problem Adult" by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and is therefore not responsible for any of his actions. ALSO, the political views and products advertised on this site may/may not reflect the views of Puddy or myself, so please don't take them as an endorsement. We just need to eat.