Bored Stupid

Man… if I had one of those “I’m feeling…” buttons on my site, it would probably say “cheap & used” right now.

<~~~ Cool! Thanks DIZ!

How are you supposed to feel when you make amends with someone, you write nice stuff about them, they write nice stuff about you (well, more like USE YOU as a cheap tool to keep people from dropping out their project like flies in a mass exodus…) have these hundreds of people come here overnight to read my post…

….and then they read the next one, which looks like a “pig party”, and makes them look like a REAL asshole?

Eric Brooks, as played by Judd NelsonWould YOU remove all that nice stuff that you wrote about ME, and declare it a “useless rant”?????

*sigh* THE TRUTH: It’s not for everyone, y’know.

Yes… ignore me now. I’ll go away.
*SNORT* Oh Yeah, like *THAT’S* ever worked before!

It was kind of a fun party last night. Robyn and Solonor (starting trouble, as usual), dropped by, snordrank up all my coke, blasphemed the Yankees… before taking off on trips (supposedly separate trips…. yeah. uh huh.) and worse yet, dragged the Stupid Evil Bastard along.

… then the onslaught of the dreaded COMEDY TROLLS…
It could take months to get the stains out of these rugs!

I’ve really gotta find me some new friends. The web went to hell since Maria left.
//** UPDATE: Maria is back with a vengeance!!!! Go give her love… **//

Scooter’s got a troll in his comments…. BEAT THE PISS OUT OF HIM!!!
(uhm… The troll. I meant the troll, ok?)

More later…
//**It’s Later: Don’t anybody freak out of my link list I put back up. I lost my copy of my last set of links (because I’m retarded), so this is from my CD backup from April (do you have any idea what a bitch it has been to surf sites in the last two days???).

I have no intention of delinking anyone. Not even the two morons who raised a big fuss, even posted a big “Yeah my being delinked hurts, but I’m selfish, I don’t care about other people, and I can’t see the big picture… so I’m still playing” protest post, to rile up so many people to call this nameless bully (moi) all sorts of names…

Just for the record: Despite what goes on in his delusional, arrogant little head… I wish to remind all the panicked citizens of Cybertown that Sayed Razavi does NOT own the web…

Dave Winer and Jeffrey Zeldman do.
So relax.

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13 thoughts on “Bored Stupid

  1. I’m so tired I swear I didn’t understand one word of this
    I’ll be back tomorrow when I’ve slept some 🙂 trust me it’s not you it’s me (damn that sounds like a line huh?)

  2. *lol* That’s okay, I’ve never understood it!!! Hold on to your bloomers E, I’m coming BACK!!!! :op

    Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Party lines aside, there’s a Blogger Love-In going on and I just wanted to say thank you for being there – you truly add to my life… in a good way:)

  4. Of course, if you emailed some of us or visited more often….

    Did I guilt you into missing me some?

    ((hugs)) and love to ya!

  5. “trust me it’s not you it’s me (damn that sounds like a line huh? ”
    WAAAAAH!!!!! I’ve been dumped by so many women using that line… (excuse me a second)

    *jumps off a building*

    I can assure you… if anyone should get a big fat medal for yesterday… it was Solonor. He truly saved the day.
    *note to self. If Solonor or Robyn come after me one day… run for the FUCKING HILLS!*

    *I just woke up… bear with me. It’s that time of the year where I land myself in the hospital from being run down.*

  6. This post was in reference to the post on the Blogshares news page:
    “Why are people angry, Eric and I kissed and made up..”

    Then he pulled it down after last night’s pig party…calling it a “useless rant”… and added all these wild claims that things aren’t true or exaggerated…

    It made him look like the Comical Ali of the Web

    “There are no TROLLS within 100 miles of Blogshares… NONE!”

    I was not being used by Sayed as a marketing tool to keep people from dropping out of Blogshares. Nuh uh….

  7. All your base are belong to Seyed. You are on the way to desctruction. You have no chance to survive make your time.

  8. [insert word like “aargh” or “ugh” here to denote “frustration”]

    The swf didn’t work… you mean this genius from Harvard couldn’t embed the swf in a web page???

    Actually the images in the movie are hilarious… you damn comedy troll, you. LOL!!!

  9. You know me, I’m just such a party animal that when Sol said he was “steppin’-out” I just had to tag along.

    The man does a mean soft-shoe…

  10. i need some kind of homing device for you. i kept going back to the other blog to see if you had returned and was getting all bummed out.

    you’ve never been one to resist the temptation of a troll fight. heh. it’s kinda funny sometimes.

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