Memes and morons

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Say it with me, people: It was a stupid stuffed bunny, and nobody cares any more.

This is a classic case of at least three sides of a story. There’s person #1 who started a meme, person #2 who is now convinced that they are this horrible person that everyone is mad at…

And there’s my side of the story. Which, as always, is known as the “gospel truth”.

While, yes, it seems at face value that there’s no excuse for person #2 to still be holding on to a passing meme… and the selfish morons are bitching to person #1 about it.

Well, I happen to know that person #2’s life happens to be in shambles right now (it’s not my story to tell, but it’s pretty bad). Perhaps mailing this retarded stuffed animal isn’t top priority in their mind right now. Ya think?

Of course, you can count on the web to be totally devoid of compassion, or sympathy, or even cutting someone a little slack.

If person #1’s mass-mailing to God-knows-who, talking for three or four paragraphs about how selfish and irresponsible person #2 is, wasn’t bad enough… then it surfaced as a post on their site, where the usual culprits in the Clueless Brigade™ have to chime in and hurt person #2 even more in the comments. (The post has since vanished after I left a subtle little comment… so no link.)

One more time, for the hearing impaired: It was a stupid stuffed bunny, and nobody cares any more.

I work a lot in this community. I do a lot of projects requiring the support and cooperation of others. It’s a pain in the ass. There’s always personality conflicts, somebody messes up, this one don’t like that one… do you see me here pointing fingers EVERY TIME I have a conflict?

No I don’t. It only looks that way. Shut up.

Someone aggravated me, so I cancelled the “mom project”. Last year, home problems made “the valentine project” impossible. I cited both of them as “time constraints”. You didn’t hear Faith or me post about every roadblock we hit planning and organizing the Pocono Gathering last March, did we?

It’s called decency and professionalism.
Hurting and humiliating person #2 wouldn’t settle anything.

It would have been so much easier to simply say. “Hey, it must have gotten lost in the mail. Shit happens. Either someone can get a new bunny, or we can scrap it here.” Everyone saves face and looks good. It went to one person. What is the big deal here? This was totally un-called for.

Tres tacky.
Of course I’ve come to expect that from person #1 and all her heartless friends.

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10 thoughts on “Memes and morons

  1. Oh geeze!! A stupid stuffed bunny?? Talk about nothing else to do but worry about stupid shit!!! Too bad there are people like that!!

  2. Pathetic, ain’t it? Someone is in tears right now over a stupid bunny. Like they don’t have enough on their minds right now.

  3. OY!!
    That’s pathetic & what I refer to as
    “need to get a life syndrome” … dunno who all is involved, don’t need to, but glad to know they have you on their side -e-!!! :o)

  4. What the hell are you all talking about? Wait. Scratch that. Don’t wanna know. *holding hands over ears* lalalalalalalalala

  5. stuffed bunny??? i’d like a nice mushr oom stuffing, please. garlic mashed on the side.

    stuffed bunny………. it’s not just for dinner any more….

  6. Faith mentioned this on her site, and I said she must have a fever because she’s talking gibberish. Now, I find out it’s you that’s talking the gibberish, and she’s just repeating what she heard. I am sooooooo f***ing lost. Thank goodness. But anyway, my daughter left a ton of stuffed animals here when she got married – I’ll send whoever it is all she or he wants.

  7. huh?

    At least it’s not someone crying over a stuffed ……….. (carrier lost and content cencored) 😛

  8. Person #2 doesn’t deserve to be treated the way they are treating her. She’s a great person with enough crap going on in her life without having to worry about a damned bunny!

    Hell, if it were me, I’d shred the stinking bunny and send it back to person #1. Let #1 send a piece of the dumb thing to everyone else who was waiting for it! But that’s just malicious little ol’ me…

  9. Sarah, you are soooo not malicious!!! Ya’ know? …and with friends like these, she at least has some people to fall back on.

  10. I wish I can put into words to explain to all the clueless morons who are telling me that I’m wrong for writing this, why this situation pisses me off.

    It was in the approach. No one said #2 is right for this, no one is saying that #1 didn’t have a right to be a little upset…

    … but I thought a double-whammy of public humiliation was so uncalled for. Some people thought it was “ok” because the parties weren’t named. Then why is everyone bitching about my post in private emails? Screw yas, ok?

    No I’m certainly not talking about anyone in the comments… everyone in here are friends of person #2 who are furious. And they’re the only people who are 100% in the right as far as I’m concerned.

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