The Girl in the Painting…

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I made these demos. (Yeah I know it’s not studio quality… what part of “DEMO” didn’t you get?)

Let be give you the background story on this song…

A long time ago there was this three year old boy. He was an only child, and he had a very powerful imagination.

His first “girlfriend” was one of those “Big Eye” paintings that were popular in the 60’s and 70’s. He was totally smitten with her and her big blue eyes.

He looked forward to seeing her everyday, as they went to some far off place in his imagination. She was a little weird and funny and had a way of cheering him up when he was down.

I’m sure in Jungian terms, the boy tapped into his own anima and projected it into her, just as Pygmalion did with Galatea.

The painting eventually disappeared… but she lived in his heart and haunted him with those gorgeous eyes his whole life.

Athena, I swear I’m lost without you…
You’re the Angel of my dreams.
But you left me, went back to your world far away…

In his teen years, no girl ever matched up to his “dream girl” (and we ALL know how that “marriage” thing worked, right?). He kind of had it in his head that she was real and out there somehow… he’d know it by looking into her eyes. She was his Muse. His “Immortal Beloved”.

After buying a Charvel Jackson Randy Rhodes guitar when he was 18… his dream girl had a new name: RANDI ATHENAS.

She’s changed forms over the years, but there was always those eyes. Those eyes and that zany personality. Still head over heels in Love with her, and seen little bits of her in every woman I’ve ever loved. It’s what drives me and haunts me at the same time.

Lonely nights, and it just ain’t right.
I’m lost inside.
Though I feel in the starlight, you’re still watching me…

… it’s the price that you pay, when you’re in Love with a fantasy….

Did you have a Dream Girl/Guy?
Did you ever find them?
Am I crazier than you originally thought?


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