Proper Care and Hygiene for Your Dongle

DISCLAIMER: If this post should go awry, I would kindly ask you to direct any complaints toward Batgrl, as she brought this topic up in the previous posts comments. Yes, *that* Batgrl. The one who brought you the topic of Slug Sex. Apparently she is back to her old playful, nefarious self again.

Can we take on a serious topic, here? You know, about that part that no one seems comfortable talking about openly? I mean, let’s be honest here. Most of us either have one or desperately need one right about now.

I am talking about…




That seemingly useless piece attached to the back of your scanner, yet your scanner doesn’t work without it.

Why doesn’t anyone talk about it? Why is everyone so ashamed of their dongle? Sure we’d probably like a bigger dongle, I mean who wouldn’t?

You read blog entries about a new monitor, digital camera, or a web cam, but nothing like:

“His brown eyes, sparkling in the candlelight, told me it was time. We put down our wine glasses, and I took his dongle into my hands and gently guided it into my port… where I couldn’t help but squeal in delight how it was a perfect and tight fit as it slid all the way inside….”


“Damn, man…. I was trying to jam my dongle in that tight little usb last night. But I had it in the wrong holes, so it was so freakin’ big I busted a few pins in it, an’ shit.”

Our dongles are a very natural and important part of our computer setups. We shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about it.

(And I didn’t mention Pecan Pie ONCE in this entire post!)

Is there anything worse than re-runs?

I hope so. Cause I am fresh out of content.

A blast FROM the past: E-TV – All -=e=- all the time

It requires the RealPlayer Basic of course.

In my March 2001 episode-

  • Spiderman Getting Down
  • A virtual Tour FROM Reis Homes (Doesn’t work as Reis Homes no longer exists)
  • American Online Commercial (The Debut of “Stress Man” on the site)
  • (Check it out)

I’m backing up all my files, and I came to the realization that I start a lot of things and never finish them.

I hate that about me.

I should really sit down one day and concentrate on doing ONE thing really well, rather than a lot of half-assed things.

Doing research on commercials FROM the Sixties… some cool links to bring back memories coming up.

A.D. means “After Death”?

(For the record, I have no idea what I believe in/don’t believe in any more. While I find the Bible impossible to acknowledge as “the inerrant word of God”, at the same time… something deep inside of me feels there’s something larger than all of us out there somewhere. And maybe, just maybe, there were bits of Higher Truth dictated to people at their level of understanding at the time. I can’t EXPLAIN it. So what I don’t understand, I mock & ridicule)

But I digress…
Not since the above-mentioned title of this post have I laughed so hard at a verbal misfire FROM the fundies….

Until tonight when I saw this post.
“The Bible says: ‘to thine own self be true.’…”

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My nomination for “Best Post Ever”

Why are Americans so Stupid?

It’s harsh. It’s heated… for a guy like me that psychoanalyzes people for a hobby, it’s a smorgasboard of various viewpoints and cultural mindsets.

I know, I know… we Americans don’t like criticism FROM outside parties, and it’s bound to piss you off. But I implore you to take a deeper look inside the comments. It delves INTO the various mentalities of Americans, Europeans, Arabs, Christians, Muslims, Atheists…

You can write a thesis based on this thread.

I love Les’ site… he and his guests always pull off an amazing blend of intellectual discussion in his threads.

Surfing the post-election blogosphere

Oy. What a mess.
So much for us all being back to normal after November 3rd, huh?

I’ve thought long and hard on what to say about all the bitterness, sniping, gloating, attacking, crazy talk, suicides and threats going on.

Here goes….
Imagine us all agreeing on every single thing…

Linking only to people who share our views and our values and our opinions….

Reading page after page of people who think exactly like us…

Would that suck ass, or what? 🙂
I’d be bored to fucking tears in a half hour flat.

Anybody know any good retro sites?

I redid my design section in MySQL. The really cool part of it is the ability to turn the “display” on and off. I have a ton of work-related sites I can’t quite SHOW right now.

(If you recall, I was damn near …[explanation has gone bye-bye. If you missed it, oh well. Some things are more important than your entertainment, chuckles…]) Kinda going for an Archies/Lil' rascals thing here...

Aaaanyway… I got the “Redesign Bug” going on.
My new skin (Yes, the site is skinnable) is going to be a 1965 version of my site.

  • My four “spokescharacters” (Counterclockwise FROM top: CyberPal, Stress-Man, Bozilla the Clown and Randi) are all going to be kids. I drew rough sketches (Yes, with a pencil! I remembered how to use one!) last night.
  • CyberPal is going to have a Beatles suit
  • Stress-Man is going to have coke-bottle glasses and buck teeth. Kinda like the “Jughead” to CyberPal’s “Archie”… or the “Alfalfa/Spanky” axis, if you will (Yes, I know the Little Rascals are FROM the ’30’s, shut the fuck up… the younger kids don’t know that!)
  • The site will be ENTIRELY in black and white, of course. TV wasn’t in color until 1966, because there WAS no color in 1965, I guess.

So… are there any good Retro sites you guys can recommend for inspiration? Any ideas? Trends? Wanna contribute clip art?

(My popup announcing something is a satire is a good example of what I’m gunning for here…)

You DO have the right to remain silent. What you lack is the capacity.

We just bought “Shrek2” on DVD….

Can’t. stop. laughing!!!!
Infinitely better than the first. If you remember how cheezy they looked in the Robin Hood scene FROM the last movie, the details are astonishing in this one.

Is it me or does “Prince Charming” bear an uncanny resemblance to Nico?

The surprise bonus on the DVD is “Far Far Away Idol” (A spoof of American Idol, cuz nothing’s sacred with these guys…) featuring a 3D cameo by Simon. 🙂

Highly recommended. If you have a choice between paying a bill or buying the DVD… your creditors will understand. Trust me.

Wanted: A two party system

Dear Democratic Party:

OMG, you friggin’ people suck.
I came across this revelation as I walked Stroudsburg on my lunch hour, and I tripped over a wino.

You know what? I was convinced even HE could have beaten Bush in this election.

Americans all agree that Dubya is the kind of guy you’d want to have a beer with.
Well, guess what? My wino friend is already there, man!

Come up with all the conspiracy theories you want (Jewish touch screen voting machines by gay Halliburton martians, whatever…) Look, Bush won the election. He was winning Ohio when I went to bed at 3AM.

Now you are going to rack your brains out for the next four years going “where did we go wrong?”

Fact is, you fucking people don’t listen. You make the same mistakes over and over. You did it in 2000, you did it in 1988… you’re gonna do it again in 2008.

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