Boyz night out

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Kicking off our night of testosterone-driven ditties…

  • Craig has found a new toy to amuse ourselves with. See what your site looks like as a mirror image. (Their server seems to be a tad overloaded at the moment, but come back and CHECK it out. Trust me.)
  • Dr. D has returned FROM his conference in Aruba, and he comes bearing eye-candy.
    (good-lookin’, single AND a doctor… what’s wrong with you women?)
  • Mad Bull *ALWAYS* has something nice to look at
  • … so does BSTI at Chapel-Perilous. (bonus points to him for being a “leg man” too!)
  • If you’re INTO some seriously deep thinking, Rev. Mykeru has probably written his best work yet: “Regarding Your Deeply Held Religious Beliefs”. Really. Read that with an open mind, and you’ll walk away looking deep inside yourself.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love my new coffee mug?Mykeru Mug
    Not that I drink coffee, but it keeps my water cold for my morning (over)dose of happy pills
    (to get my day started right).

    And I think it goes nicely with my skull ashtray, don’t you think?


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    11 thoughts on “Boyz night out

    1. Thanks for the link bredren…..I have more shots to post, but they may not get as much ‘attention’ 😉 FROM you unfortunately.

    2. I just tried the mirror image of my site!!
      Nice touch, I must say.
      Re: Aruba EyeCandy.
      I have vacationing in Aruba for the last 8 years, and the people who frequent the beach I goto are overweight, pink, and stressed out. I fit right in…

    3. Here’s a close up of the Rev. Mykeru mug.

      Gee Doc, obviously you haven’t been to some of the churches I’ve been too. Sex, debauchery and evangelism always seemed to go hand in hand! :0)

    4. yes the mug goes quite well with the ashtray…i guess i’m not the only one who likes oversized ashtrays…i know i get so caught up working at the computer, i can overfill one that size in half a day….links were a nice diversion too.

    5. Angstman: Normally I keep my ashtray in the top drawer of my desk to catch the overflow. :0)

      Doc: Why of course! The beauty of my church is we can all log in every Sunday, buy some items FROM Betty Bowers (She IS America’s best Christian, you know)…

      … and boom our sins are forgiven, and we’re good to go all week long! I love the Internet. You can even download salvation these days. :0)

    6. lol…i need to install an ash drawer to catch my overflow i think…i will pass on the confession, on-line or otherwise though…i have to live with myself every day, so i’m the one who must forgive my transgressions, and i am harder on myself than anyone else could ever be…hehehe

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