Site’s getting there…

Hey thanks for stopping by, gang.
I’m really sorry I haven’t had the chance to stop by your sites and visit you lately. It’s been crazy here… but I miss you all.

I’m not 100% comfortable about considering this site “open” until all of the links work. I’m getting there. Truth be told this site was falling in disrepair back in 2001, so if I’m going to get this site running, I’ll be doing it right.
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Back with a vengeance… uhm, eventually?

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I know it’s April.
But you should know two things about me by now:

1. I’m a pain-in-the-@$$ perfectionist.
b. I never meet a deadline.

I did get a chuckle reading Y2K Mike after all these years. (KayCee fans should find the ending a little, uhm… familiar?)

I’m shooting for this weekend, okay? I’m migrating a few of my old Enemy of The State/Anarchtica entries INTO Soapbox. I also have been collaborating in a few outside projects…
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Tina’s movin’ on up…

Anyone looking for The Other Cheek can find Tina at her new fancy URL:… lookin’ good, sis! 🙂

I just finished the last two panels of “The Super Dudes” (no, I didn’t forget… just no time with all this War Coverage I’m doing.)

God Bless the troops
I learned something new in the newspaper biz lately. You would think something monumental like a war would be good for us, right?

While circulation goes up, advertisers pull their ads faster than you can say “Saddam Sucks”. Within hours before the deadline for Saddam to go INTO exile, advertisers were calling in to pull their ads. Customers see advertisers as ghouls at times like these, trying to cash in on a tragedy. (They get angry letters like “How dare you sell cars/cell phones/houses while people are dying???” )

Why do you think September 11th coverage went commercial-free after a while? Public service FROM the tv stations, or all the advertisers pulled their ads? You tell me.
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Winds of Change…

East Coast Bloggers – March 14th-16th, Poconos, PA
EricBrooks.Com: WHUZZUP!®

You know me. I *ALWAYS* end things on a high note. :0)

It’s not a goodbye.
It’s more like, I’m moving on, and hoping to catch you all on the flip side. Hopefully I’ll meet a whole bunch of you cool people next weekend.

I just want to leave you all with one last thing to ponder…

The past is exactly what it is… the past.
It’s gone now, and you can’t go back.
The future is unwritten and uncertain.
No one promised you a “tomorrow”, did they?

All we have is today. The here and now.
Live it to the fullest.
With lots of love, enthusiasm, and balls of steel.

Leave your mark and make a difference.


If you're not making enemies, you're not making a difference.

Download 2,183 fonts!!!

There are currently 2,183 fonts in the database.

Yes, I know there’s still plenty of work to be done here before the April 2003 grand re-opening, but look at it this way:

When the cease and desists all start flying in, and the authors begin to request their fonts removed…the fonts available for download are probably going to DROP to half of the current inventory.

Grab ’em while you can!

I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling…

I guess with the East Coast Blogger thing happening in less that two weeks, I better get over there and start hyping the thing up. Hope you have EricBrooks.Com bookmarked too. That’s where I’ll be FROM now on. Less speaking & more producing. This site (Anarchtica) will become a thing of the past after our get-together. You’ll note I don’t even send out email notifications anymore…

Fact is, I’ve barely been online lately, have more email to reply to than I know what to do with… I just don’t want to blog anymore. Who am I kidding? I hate blogging! It’s too much work… trying to be interesting, and pretending to be interested in other people (and their narrow points of view, and what they’ve had for lunch)… and, well, I’ve always hated blogging.

sd_11.gifAnd, uhm… I’m obsessed with my “Super Dudes” project…

Episode one is about 2/3 of the way done, and I’m slowly but surely finding better ways to put them together… then I’m sure it will be a big race between D.C. and Marvel to see who gets to sue my ass off first.

I have no enemies to crush.
No rights to wrong…

I’m bored.
I always get INTO trouble when I’m bored.

All the cool kids are INTO comic books, humor, and sex… right?
The potential for satire here is almost unlimited…
If you’re the type to go out in public, wearing an outlandish costume, do things for absolutely no money, then:
1) You want attention.
2) You have some serious issues.

It’s just the perfect combination in blog land… :0)

Please adjust your bookmarks, and vote, damn you…

Kira, the Desert Flower has moved. Got a sharp new design, and went back to her old monniker of “Drawn Outside The Lines”.

Kim, everyone’s favorite tough-as-nails survivor has moved The SICK SIDE to her new home at Serenity-Quest.

My co-worker, Brian Burbank, has a thread going on his message board: “Lines FROM Dumb & Dumber”… flex your trivia muscles and add some quotes FROM the movie, will ya?

As you can see on the right… my “Testimonials” are in full swing. A new one every time you refresh the page.

I need more testimonials!!!!
How have I changed your life?

Cheyenne is losing at the Nude Bloggie Awards. Voting ends Sunday. She has vowed to carry out her threat to go with less T&A… AND MORE BARNEY!!!

Folks… I don’t even consider that funny.
Don’t do this to me and all the other horny hetero guys on the net…. VOTE FOR GNOME-GIRL!!!!

**// Oh well, there was a long diatribe here about us guys and our preoccupation with our peckers, how most household items are phallic symbols, and how our next president needs to have a REALLY BIG DICK (I’m talking Vin Diesel/Milton Berle caliber here… before our next military action is called “Operation: Penis Envy”). But alas it is gone now.

Probably for the best… the thought of me and my big lips being someone’s bitch in a federal penitentiary is just too much for me to handle. //**

You’re still here…???

Yeesh… my attempts to be boring and neglect everyone isn’t working.
Must try to bore you harder. (Take that any way you want.)

Well, since I’m still deep INTO a bunch of projects (one is a superhero cartoon short I hope you’ll like.) In the meantime, let me direct you to some more entertaining places in CyberTown….

Have you guys met Jet and her husband Speedbump?
They’re friends of The Mighty “T”… so that makes them friends of mine (If I know what’s good for me!) :0)

They’re a fun bunch. Jet just wrote her account on the private little war us parents face in America.

Speedbump is hilarious… his antics remind me a lot of my own, and we should run a contest to see who spends more time on the couch after pissing the Mrs. off. Some of the stuff Jet writes about him reminds me of what Carole would write about me if she were blogging…

Of course if Carole had legs like Jet…
I wouldn’t be … uhm, … uh…

I forgot what I was going to say. Go pay them a visit.

Really, really busy….

I know… I know….
It looks like I’m ignoring you all but I am chest-deep in various projects.

I’m trying to answer everyone privately in the last thread, there’s just too many things to add, extend sympathies, and thank you for… I also have a ton of emails to contend with.

Besides, I have absolutely nothing to talk about.

But hey… thanks for stopping by. :0)

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