[#Webdesign #Coding] Learn React State In a Single Video (Context, Reducer, Dispatch, Memo)

Learn React State In a Single Video (Context, Reducer, Dispatch, Memo)

By LearnWebCode
Published: May 16, 2022

LearnWebCode Let’s learn about “state” in React. My premium courses and coupons: https://learnwebcode.com/courses/

GitHub link for this video: https://github.com/LearnWebCode/react…

    0:00 Intro

  • 2:12 Getting Started (First Example)
  • 19:12 Multiple Components
  • 33:12 Context
  • 48:05 Caveat (Unintentional Renders)
  • 1:02:19 Reducer
  • 1:24:14 Don’t Make Everything Global

[#Video #Design] Autofill – A Practical Tool Review

Autofill – A Practical Tool Review

By School of Motion
Published: Aug 30, 2022

School of Motion There’s a lot of tools floating around on the Internet, but it can be kind of tough to pick one. Autofill looked promising so we decided to not only review it, but to show how it can practically be used!
Find Autofill here: https://aescripts.com/autofill/?aff=33

Take your skills to the next level and learn to animate with School of Motion!

[#Script #Coding] Build a Live Stream Flutter App – Android & iOS Course

Build a Live Stream Flutter App – Android & iOS Course

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Mar 07, 2022

freeCodeCamp.org In this course, we will build a live streaming app that allows you to stream with friends and be able to control their audio, video, and whether they are visible overall. On top of that this app will be able to push this stream out to most streaming platforms including Youtube and Twitch. This is a more intermediate course that requires basic knowledge about Flutter and State Management. Linked below are some resources for those not comfortable.

Code: https://github.com/tadaspetra/flutter…

Tadas Petra created this course.
Tadas Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNaJ…
Agora Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjPZ…

Thanks to Agora for providing a grant to make this course possible. You can learn more about them at https://www.agora.io

    Course Contents

  • (0:00:00) Introduction
  • (0:01:05) App Explanation
  • (0:02:34) State Management
  • (0:04:29) Agora Explained
  • (0:04:58) Initializing App
  • (0:05:33) Agora UI Kit
  • (0:09:14) Initialize RTM and RTC
  • (0:11:06) Architecture
  • (0:13:30) Building Home Screen
  • (0:19:46) Basic Agora Live Video
  • (0:30:55) Creating a UID
  • (0:40:14) Setting up State
  • (0:48:53) Joining the Live Stream
  • (1:08:52) Control User Audio and Video
  • (1:31:49) Output to Streaming Platforms
  • (1:52:12) Final Showcase

Learn to code for free and get a developer job: https://www.freecodecamp.org

Read hundreds of articles on programming: https://freecodecamp.org/news

And subscribe for new videos on technology every day: https://youtube.com/subscription_cent…

[#Art #Animation] Making a Walk Cycle in Adobe Animate!

Making a Walk Cycle in Adobe Animate!

By BaM Animation
Published: Feb 14, 2018

BaM Animation Learn how we made a walk cycle in Adobe Animate! We used some traditional animation, and Some symbols to make this animated loop. We will also learn how to make a PERFECT CIRCLE in Photoshop and the basics of Animation and Symbols

Special thanks to Sameer for submitting his art:

Brent’s Channel!

Animation Sucsess Stories Interview!

BaM is dedicated to teaching artists all about the animation industry, and skills sets including character design, background design, animation, and painting! Send us your art, and BaM will make an episode about YOU!

We have a Website and Store now!

Visit our Portfolios


[#Video #Design] 15 Must Know Shortcut Keys in Cinema 4D

15 Must Know Shortcut Keys in Cinema 4D

By School of Motion
Published: Apr 13, 2022

School of Motion DOWNLOAD THIS PROJECT FILE & ASSETS FOR FREE! https://som.bz/37JY2jG
If you want to step up your 3D animation and design game, you need to learn keyboard shortcuts in Cinema 4D. Knowing your hotkeys speeds up your workflow and allows you to focus on the creative aspect of the program rather than hunting through mentions to find a certain function.
In this tutorial, we’re going to take you from beginner to keyboard king.


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:40 – Object Manager/Viewport
  • 05:22 – Viewport/Timeline
  • 09:29 – Cameras/Attributes Manager/Commander/Help
  • 13:56 – Wrap Up

[#Money #Success] 15 Best Street Smarts Secrets

15 Best Street Smarts Secrets

By Alux.com
Published: Jul 18, 2021

Alux.com 15 Best Street Smarts Secrets
SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNjPtOCvMrKY5eLwr_-7eUg?sub_confirmation=1
15 Business Advice We Wish We Got When We Started: https://youtu.be/XIHkF6wW7Ow

Video Notes: https://www.alux.com/street-smarts-secrets/

Have a look at our premium courses: https://courses.alux.com
GOAL Mastery: https://www.alux.com/goals
Grab the ALUX x NordVPN Offer using the code “ALUX” today: https://www.alux.com/vpn
Thanks to our friends at NordVPN!

Disclaimer: signing up for NordVPN will result in financial compensation towards Alux Inc at no additional cost to you, the consumer.

    In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:

  • What are the best street smart secrets?
  • What should you know about the real world?
  • What are good ways to become street smart?
  • What is the definition of “street smarts”?
  • What are the things that make you street smart?
  • What are some examples of being “street smart”?
  • What qualities make you street smart?
  • How do you become more street smart?
  • What are the advantages of being a street smart?
  • How do street smarts see the world?


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:45 – Don’t make it easy for them
  • 01:18 – Look like a threat or at least like you will fight back
  • 02:05 – Carry cash outside of your wallet
  • 02:58 – Money that has left your hand is no longer yours
  • 03:28 – They’re all in it together
  • 03:51 – If you get arrested: SHUT THE F**K UP & call your lawyer
  • 04:23 – If someone asks you what time it is, keep walking
  • 04:46 – It’s not what you know, but who
  • 05:15 – Always thug hard at the plastic card reader when using an ATM
  • 06:02 – Scammers will use anything to get to your money
  • 07:47 – If you withdraw a large amount of money from the bank, put the money bag inside a retail store bag
  • 08:17 – Test people’s character before you trust them
  • 08:56 – Know that not everything shiny is gold
  • 09:42 – Always know where the closest exit is
  • 10:38 – You can always cut a deal
  • 11:07 – Question

[#Script #Coding] Stardew Valley Game Clone with Python and Pygame – Full Course

Stardew Valley Game Clone with Python and Pygame – Full Course

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Aug 15, 2022

freeCodeCamp.org Create a Stardew Valley style game with Python and Pygame. This includes farming and foraging, a day and night cycle, weather effects, and a merchant. The game was also made in Tiled so you can expand it yourself.

Christian from Clear Code created this game. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ClearCode

Project files: https://github.com/clear-code-project…

    Course Contents

  • (0:00:00) Intro
  • (0:02:08) Setup
  • (0:10:34) Creating the basic player
  • (0:30:04) Importing the player graphics
  • (0:43:14) Animating the player
  • (0:53:47) Tool use
  • (1:09:19) Switching between tools
  • (1:21:42) Creating the overlay
  • (1:32:35) Starting the camera and importing the floor
  • (1:51:05) Importing all elements and faking more 3D
  • (2:19:07) Collisions
  • (2:42:44) Working on the trees
  • (3:06:57) Particles
  • (3:16:47) Player inventory
  • (3:22:12) Restarting the day
  • (3:46:15) Starting the soil
  • (4:12:44) Soil patch graphics
  • (4:33:06) Watering logic
  • (4:43:34) Rain
  • (5:03:51) Creating the plants
  • (5:25:11) Harvesting
  • (5:33:08) Daytime transition
  • (5:41:19) The merchant
  • (6:24:01) Audio (+ some final fixes )

Learn to code for free and get a developer job: https://www.freecodecamp.org

Read hundreds of articles on programming: https://freecodecamp.org/news

[#Money #Success] 15 Ways To Be More Interesting

15 Ways To Be More Interesting

By Alux.com
Published: Jul 25, 2022

Alux.com 15 Ways To Be More Interesting
SUBSCRIBE to ALUX: https://www.youtube.com/channel…
15 Traps Rich People Fall Into: https://youtu.be/r3QYsyIJyC8

Aluxers! Have you downloaded the Alux App yet?

The ALUX App is Officially Here! | Alux Keynote 2022: https://youtu.be/bd4uVm2AYuY

    In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:

  • What are 15 Ways To Be More Interesting?
  • How to be more interesting?
  • What are the best ways to be more interesting?
  • What are 15 Ways To Be A More Interesting Person?
  • What are 15 ways to become a more interesting person?
  • What can you do to be more interesting?
  • What makes people more interesting?


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:02 – Find a passion
  • 01:53 – Know interesting things
  • 02:39 – Embrace your weirdness
  • 03:57 – Listen to people
  • 04:49 – Learn how to tell stories
  • 05:36 – Don’t be quiet about your opinions
  • 06:22 – Pick up new hobbies
  • 06:57 – Be mysterious
  • 07:49 – Be confident
  • 08:22 – Understand who you are
  • 08:46 – Avoid controversial subjects
  • 09:39 – Ask questions
  • 10:25 – Develop a sense of humour
  • 11:01 – Develop genuine friendships
  • 11:36 – Be genuine
  • 12:17 – Question

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