[Web Design] Photoshop New Features Guide Updated

From Graphics – CreativePro.comPhotoshop New Features Guide Updated:

Photoshop New Features Guide UpdatedThe Photoshop New Features Guide by James Wamser. This free guide describes every feature that has been added to (or removed from) Photoshop since the original CS version in October 2003. You can browse this 90-page guide by version, or look up specific features in the index. And now the guide has been updated to include the June release of Photoshop 2015.5. You can view the Photoshop New Features Guide via Adobe Publish Online, where you can also download it as a PDF. InDesign users don’t have to feel left out, either…

[Web Design] Welcome to The Digital Art Studio

From Graphics – CreativePro.comWelcome to The Digital Art Studio:

Welcome to The Digital Art Studio
Digital Art Studio 1: Customizing Photoshop shortcuts This is the first post in a new series we’re calling The Digital Art Studio. Here I’ll share with you some of the ways I integrate digital tools into my creative workflow. These posts will generally be fairly short and will mainly focus on the digital aspect to how I create artwork. Projects will alternate between each of the different apps (mostly Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator), some will move between apps, and others will touch on how I integrate traditional and digital tools together. I intended this first post to be a dive into a cool project, but realized that before I get down to work in my digital studio, I always make sure that it?s set up so I?m able to move quickly, intuitively, and smoothly. It’s the digital equivalent of scraping down my palette and squeezing out new paint. Things must be set up properly if you?re going to work smoothly. So if I’m sitting down at a new machine, or I’ve recently reinstalled Photoshop or trashed preferences, my checklist means modifying a few preferences (such as turning off some of the Zoom settings and choosing the lightest User Interface)…

[Tutorial] Tips and Tricks: Writing a Web Design Proposal

From Queness FeedTips and Tricks: Writing a Web Design Proposal:

Tips and Tricks: Writing a Web Design Proposal If web design is your forte – you must know how to approach clients. And for that, you need a winning web design proposal. Today, we are sharing some tips and tricks from the masters of web design proposals – in order to help you wrap up your digital capabilities in the best possible light.

[ALA] Designing the Conversational UI

From A List Apart: The Full FeedDesigning the Conversational UI:

Designing the Conversational UI

In the first part of this article, we discussed the basic principles of conversational interfaces, and why you should consider building one for your own product. Here, we?ll dive a little deeper into more specific patterns, and see how you can translate them into a conversational form…

As Brilliant, Talented, Handsome, Witty and Charming as I am…

I amaze myself at how humble I am about it all. 😀

I have spent the last two months revamping EricBrooks.Com from the inside out. Optimizing it, re-writing scripts for my custom CMS System, adding new features.

Look for an all new Fonts section in July, new Design portfolio… and for BIG NEWS with my friends and me.


How to *NOT* be Wrong in an Internet Fight (and other goodies)

Detailed steps that is GUARANTEED to insure that you will never lose another flamewar again… (humor).

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I’ll be moving a lot of my blogs from MySpace over to my site shortly. Personally I think I need to spend more time here and re-establish my rapport with a lot of bloggers out in the blogosphere again (helloooo is anyone still out there? *echo*).

How to be a blogging superstar on MySpace...

But I have to admit, with 200+ comments with every post over there versus 2-3 here… I’m wondering is it even worth blogging here anymore? Getting people *off* MySpace and to another website is like pulling teeth too!

Get Seen with these 14 Social Broadcasting Sites

Have you ever wanted to be the star of your own show? We’ve found a few great sites that will help you achieve at least your 15 minutes of fame.

(Hat Tip to Token for finding this article for me)

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Good to know you have options, because BlogTalkRadio is all about censorship now and using draconian measures to keep targeted people and friends off their network.

Enjoy your 4.6 million in investment money BTR… and great job forgetting the “little bloggers” that got you to the point where you are. *applause*

The Joker says BRAVO

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