Dear Mary Stewart: Please take your spam for phentermine and shove it clear up your…

Between the four blogs I am currently managing… I have deleted well over 1,000 comment spams FROM this jerkoff in the past few days. You’ll never see them because WordPress has some awesome features that automatically detects spam and throws it INTO a queue, pending moderation.

Now for someone who asks “why do these people spam, it can’t be all that profitable?!!?”.

Apparently, you don’t understand the spamming industry.
The companies and websites that you are being spammed with are not the ones doing the spamming. They hire someone to do this.

The spammers get paid whether you buy the crap or not.

It seems to me like they are trying more to achieve higher search engine rankings than they are sales. For anyone searching the web for phentermine (or viagra, or vicodin, or cialis), their site is going to rank #1 because their link is on so many sites. Something like a Google-bomb.

Spammers also make money by selling your email (along with 20 million others) to their other little jerkoff spamming friends. (This is why you don’t click on those opt-out links. Sure they won’t spam you any more, but they know they have a live email to sell.)

Illegal and profitable as hell.

Not buying phentermine FROM will not stop the spam.
However, rounding up spammers and putting them in a leper colony, will.
They can’t type once their fingers fall off, you see.

I’m Eric Brooks and I approve this message.

5 thoughts on “Dear Mary Stewart: Please take your spam for phentermine and shove it clear up your…

  1. Yeah, I saw this on Uppish (only it’s a graphic on her page):
    Fight Spam! Click Here!

    a while back and resolved to use it on my own page. I like the idea. Off with their heads! Now bring me a flamingo and a hedgehog, I must get back to this croquet game.

  2. I could have sworn new legislation was just passed to make all this crap illegal. What happened to it? I just deleted a couple of hundred virus-laden emails. A slow day at the office. This whole thing is a big mess…

    On a brighter note, I love what you’ve done with the place. It’s very festive and whimsical!

  3. Well it didn’t take one of them very long to find my site and LOAD it up with all sorts of utter crapola.

    Those pigfuckers work fast; I only put the site up on the 29th of last month, and they already found me and had me loaded with about 30 McComments before I spotted it. Apparently the jackass was still posting when I enabled the filter, because it filled up with about 40 more in no time flat.

    I posted a bitchy little love note just for him… 😛

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