Election aftermath

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Ahh… the people have spoken.

And they are truly idiots.
However, it’s all about choice. That’s what makes America great, right?
Even if dark days, a lot of despair, doom & gloom are ahead of us. And you just gave the enemies the keys to the kingdom. Hey, that’s cool.

You did your civic duty and got out there to vote, and I’m damn proud of you.

My theory of “There’s no such thing as bad press” has been proven right.
This will be a short post, as it has been edited many, many times with things I’d like to say
-vs.- how much hell will I rain down on myself if I leave it in.

Maybe if I had left my archives up, I would have made a difference in at least two elections…
I’d be out of a job… but I would have made a difference.

Self-censorship sucks.
However, my opinion isn’t always worth the price I’d pay for saying it.

I’m still somewhat of a loose cannon.
Still angry. Still bitter and resentful.
But like the song says “… and you wouldn’t want me any other way-y-y.”

EricBrooks.Com® – “You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just may be a lunatic you’re looking for!”

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5 thoughts on “Election aftermath

  1. job…or doing what you think is right…
    life truely sucks sometimes…and I’m very sorry for what happened 🙁
    (hey, you guys could always move to OK *g*)

  2. Yeah, well, y’know… I *do* kinda like my job. I also like to eat, smoke, and have a nice place to live. So the decision was pretty much a no-brainer.

    Oklahoma sounds loverly! It’s not a Commonwealth, is it? I’ve decided the next place I live will be a “state”, not a “commonwealth”.

  3. nope…it’s a state…or a territory, depending on how you look at it *G*

    basically means they can put casino’s and smoke shops anywhere in the state they want to ($11 a carton…can’t get much cheaper than that!)

  4. A few fundamental differences I’ve noticed between a “state” and a “commonwealth” is the way the government and legal system is set up. We have “magistrates” in a commonwealth (like in England).

    I also noticed in a commonwealth, when you bring your busted up van back to the dealer to fix, they buy a new door, install it and rip out the door panel…

    …because they noticed the door didn’t have a panel when it came in… and came to the brilliant conclusion of: “well, we thought maybe you didn’t want a door panel on that side…”.


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