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Man… I don’t know how James Brown does it, but I am FRIGGIN EXHAUSTED!!!

No newsletter this month. Too busy.

  • With all of the Hype of the Durst trial, Matt Birkbeck was on Court TV, and needed the Deadly Secret site spruced up, and really hyping the book being out on paperback now.
  • In anticipation of a major affiliation deal, the redesign of the Pocono Record site that Patrick and I had planned for January was bumped up to oh, WEDNESDAY (!!!), so we’ve been scrambling to make changes, with all the long hours and disasters you can expect FROM re-doing a site of that size…Cool new features include total auto-formatting of the page, cleaner w3c-compliant code, and keyword-activated links. (best I can do on short notice, but this will pave the way to RSS feeds too.)
  • Replaced Carole’s masthead and navigation with flash. Note the products subtly fading in and out. Mouseover graphics navigation is SO 1999, not to mention slow-loading. With flash, it has to LOAD once and stay in your cache. Chocolate season is back, and we’re gearing up for a Halloween campaign and she wants to start selling online by January.
  • A farewell dinner for Johnny Kai tonight, as he heads back home to Hawaii. I’ll be re-vamping The Hawaii Music Awards to the same self-contained community as the Pennsylvania Music Awards. There’s a problem with the PayPal donations, as we haven’t verified the account in time, but I don’t want to push it. I recommend holding off on donations until I straighten it out.
  • I’ve offered my services to PATH, and will pick up on the Reasons For Christmas Project site, where the lovely and talented Briana Syvarth left off (She designed the layout for the CD. She’s also footing the bill for hosting). The CD is currently on sale at CD Baby, and I left somewhat of a mini-review.I thought one voice sounded familiar… it’s Bob Dorough. You know, of “Schoolhouse Rock” fame? (Skarlet knows him)Sing it with me peeps! “five-ten-fif-teen-twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty…”
    (it’s a “Generation-X” thing, don’t try and understand it.)
  • To any would-be car thieves in Marshalls Creek thinking of stealing our van: Good luck… the transmission’s blown. It’s been sitting there since Saturday for a reason, dumbass.I’m stranded and I’m screwed.
  • One thing an editor at work noted about me: “You like conflict. You are the type that just isn’t happy unless something’s going wrong, and all hell’s breaking loose around you.”

    I’m so happy right now, I could have a heart attack. :0)

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