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World Series 100th AnniversaryGoodbye to the Rocket
Man, this is definitely the MOST INTENSE World Series I’ve ever seen. It was cool to see Roger Clemens end his last pitch with a strikeout (woulda been nicer if the Yankees had won, buuut…).

I can’t say anything bad about the Marlins. They are one truly ass-kicking team this year. But I can question what’s up with the umpires over there? They called a Marlin “out” yesterday, when he was clearly safe at first… then vice versa for the Yankees (*genuflects*)…

I want to see the Marlins fall to the Yankees (*genuflects*), but I wanna see it fair and square. Derek Jeter has been dubbed “The NEW Mr. October”. Tres kewl.

My Prediction: Yankees in game 7. Lots of nail biting, lots of extra innings… and it’s gonna be REEEEAL close.

Blacklist (not me for once) –
The Mighty T has been running in overdrive installing “MT-Blacklist” on all of the sites she maintains. Comment Spam has been running rampant as of late, (as sure as “death & taxes” if you ask me). This add-on helps eliminate it, and stops the spammers in their tracks.
(More on her site).

Anybody else getting snow?
We’ve got flurries on and off, tv is advertising all sorts of Christmas stuff, The Reasons for Christmas Project is prominently displayed on State Rep. Lewis’ home page

Should I get a tree now, or wait a few more days?

Up to my ear lobes in work
Would love to talk about it, but well… you know.

It kind of brings to mind when a certain unnamed “Iranian Idiot” (hey, it’s more like “a personal observation”, okay?) challenged me a few months back with “I’d like to see YOUR perfect work…”.

The current project I’m working on would probably be it. It’s a technological and programming masterpiece (and it’s oh so pretty too!). It will also help revive an ailing industry, supplement the sites it’s connected to, giving them added functions that they can’t afford (or their webmasters have no idea how to implement), and generate tens of thousands in additional revenue for us in the next few months.

… of course some people still measure “success” as wowing a small handful of moron bloggers with a “flavor of the week” site that has long since fizzled out.

Yeah, I guess it’s *my* priorities that are screwed.
That must be it.

I haven’t slept in three days… pardon any spell-o’s you may find on this post.

btw… I’m #1 now on Google and Yahoo for “Pocono Web Designers“. (not to mention top 5 positions on MSNSearch, Hotbot, and Lycos)
Just thought I’d share.

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