Mark Pazuhanich, Michael Jackson and a catholic priest walk INTO a bar…

Tickle Me SpazuhanichWe interrupt my summer-long vacation to bring you the following news:

Pazuhanich pleads no contest, resigns

Former Monroe County Judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest Monday to charges that he fondled a young girl sitting next to him in the front row of a Hilary Duff concert in Wilkes-Barre. He was immediately sentenced to 10 years probation and will have to register as a sex offender under Megan’s Law.

Yes, there is much partying and celebration in Anarchtica today.

I was asked months ago by my employers to be careful what I say on this matter. It was for my own protection, as his lawyers tried to sue once before for different clients. Sure, my employer’s legal team ate them up and spit them out… but I’m on my own when it comes to this site, and I can’t afford that kind of firepower.

And I do believe in the premise of “innocent until proven guilty”…

… even if it was witnessed by a concert goer, a security guard, and far-fetched conspiracy theories like the “police hypnotizing the victim” were flying all over the place.

However, when you admit you have a drinking problem, was convicted on four counts, and now has to be registered as a sex offender… I find it safe to assume that referring to him as “The Poconos’ drunken child molesting family court judge” now, I can’t be sued for libel. :0)

Soooo… our drunken child-molesting family court judge has finally brought this runaway train to a sudden stop (without HAVING to put his daughter on the stand and rip her apart to save his hide.).

The media, which was accused of “generating hysteria” and “having a vendetta”…. has proven if it walks like a duck, fondles like a duck…. is celebrating in all its vindictive goodness!

Elected officials who took a stand and felt the heat (including one GOP chairperson who refused to back this scumbag and lost her job) is laughing and laughing and laughing….

What's next, priesthood?Me… who was asked to supress anything on my site is now free to wreak havok and crank up the “mirth machine” to “11” once more… (history lesson here, here, here, here, and here.)

And BOY have I got some PENT UP comedic energy right now!

So Mark Pazuhanich, Michael Jackson and this Catholic Priest walk INTO a bar…

ok, well I haven’t come up with the punchline yet… but DAMMIT IT’S GONNA BE FUNNY!!!!!

*does the heinie dance of victory*
*does the macarena of neener-neeners in all his annoying smugness*

It’s good to be me right now.
Still, I’d rather be Vin Diesel… but hey, I’m still my second choice.

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UPDATE: 7/14/04: To the anonymous person who wrote me yesterday with the famous comic strip reporter’s name….
1) I tried writing back but your email was undeliverable.
b) Anything you say will be kept in the strictest of confidence. I would love to hear back FROM you (with even a hotmail address or something) so we can compare notes.
3) Thanks for stopping by and the kind words of support! :0)

7 thoughts on “Mark Pazuhanich, Michael Jackson and a catholic priest walk INTO a bar…

  1. Thanks everyone!
    Well, I’m hardly resting, Doc. It’s just this issue is terribly important to me, as well as gloating. :0)

    Still have no time to keep up with this place… but I really appreciate everyone stopping by. Will see you all soon.

  2. A little late as usual, but about bleeping time for a bit of justice. Good to see he couldn’t reply on the old “brotherhood” for protection.

  3. You soo make me laugh ~ trying to make my rounds again in getting back online………of course had to visit my sexy Eric!!!!!!!!!! Just stopping in to say hello!

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