[#Money #Success] 15 Things You Didn’t Know About AFFILIATE MARKETING

15 Things You Didn’t Know About AFFILIATE MARKETING

By Alux.com
Published: Jan 09, 2021

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    In this Alux.com video, we will be answering the following questions:

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • How to make money online?
  • What’s the easiest way to make money online?
  • What’s the best way to make money online?
  • How do I become an affiliate marketer?
  • What does affiliate marketing mean?
  • What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?
  • How much can you make affiliate marketing?
  • Who is the best affiliate marketer?
  • Does Amazon affiliate pay for clicks?
  • How much do affiliate links pay?
  • How can I succeed in affiliate marketing?
  • How can I start affiliate marketing with no money?
  • Is affiliate marketing easy?
  • How do I start affiliate marketing as a beginner?
  • Do I need a website to be an affiliate marketer?
  • Can affiliate marketing make you rich?
  • Is affiliate marketing still profitable 2020?
  • Where can I post affiliate links?
  • What is the highest-paying affiliate program?
  • What companies offer affiliate programs?
  • Do you pay tax on affiliate marketing?
  • What is Biz Gurukul?
  • Is Amazon an affiliate marketer?
  • How old do you have to be to be an affiliate marketer?


  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:48 – Affiliate marketing IS a legit marketing strategy
  • 01:55 – It is a multi-million-dollar business.
  • 02:30 – It takes a lot of hard work and time.
  • 03:18 – Over 90% of affiliates never make any money
  • 04:02 – Most affiliate marketers are broke
  • 04:31 – Expansive strategy guides — they’re almost certainly a scam.
  • 05:12 – If it’s a pay-to-join program, there’s probably a scammer behind it.
  • 06:07 – If it’s a real affiliate marketing guru — they won’t be spamming you.
  • 07:02 – The products could even be fake.
  • 07:38 – Sell products that you know and love.
  • 08:31 – Finding a niche helps a lot
  • 09:19 – Remember — even when your blog is up and running, it won’t just run itself.
  • 09:57 – Think of your job as providing information — not selling products.
  • 10:43 – You can use it as an additional revenue source.
  • 11:25 – Remember, it is a legit business
  • 12:00 – Question

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