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  • Hope all is well with Amber. I know when I’m on hiatus, hell is breaking loose in my world. 
  • My heart goes out to Tiffany & Darrell for the horrors they’re going through right now. I found his keeping brave, for the family’s sake, extra heartbreaking.
  • You know Faith… I am your friend, believe it or not. I guess I overestimated you, and thought you were tougher than you really are. Hell, I was probably the only one who thought your “trailer park” jokes were funny when we were on the verge of being homeless…. I was all proud of you, came in guns a-blazing, then out at the first flame. Oh well….
  • Hey Divas…if you all feel so strongly about these issues, why don’t you knock off your silly, trying-to-be-terrorist, letter-writing campaigns to me and my friends, and express them in The Air Duct. We believe in freedom of speech, and letting everyone have their say, unlike youokay?.
  • The kinder, gentler (and redesigned) EricBrooks.Com is gonna have to wait. I’m on hiatus.

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