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According to my referrer logs…

  • A woman from my past has reincarnated herself as Red Eagle Spirit – She has asked, due to very important personal reasons, that you not mention who she was and who she is in the same post… for fear of it turning up in a Google Search. Trust me. She has very good reasons.
  • A ton of referrals from NegativeSubspace.Net… well gee, who could that possibly be? Hmmmm?. I keep getting a “server not found”, while trying to find our favourite whacky Norwegian person (he’s had it pretty rough lately… so I worry. Sue me.) It’s possible since he bought the domain name on Friday, it hasn’t fully propagated to our DNS servers in the U.S.
  • Some goodGREAT news over at Toxiclabrat’s site.
  • Moved…

  • Lee’s army of bloggers has grown even stronger: Fans of Thoughts Interrupted can now point their browsers here.
  • The artist formerly known as “AWoman” is now “A Broad” and over at her new home at Trash Talk. Go say hi….Got Blog…?
  • Bloggers in need of a new home (staring directly at KIRA, who I miss like crazy) should check out Blog On! Created by the amazing and talented Shelagh.
    (As seen on Around The Web…)
  • gOdOfMiScHiEf Quote of the Day:
    “If you’re not making enemies, then you’re not making a difference.”

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