On non-negative blogging:

This is something I feel I must clarify in the utmost expediency (look it up, you dorks).

No one has said this yet, I’m doing this on my own initiative. I’m reading the last few things I’ve written and I keep going on with the “Blog Nicely” bit. First of all my people (folks that have been with me through the beginning) have no idea what the hell I’m talking about at this moment. (More on that later….)

I’m talking about ThinkDink’s proposal of “Non-Negative Blogging“.

It sounds like I’m ridiculing this concept, and I’m joining the class clowns and drop-kicking it…. I’m not. I actually support Jessica’s initiative…as I find there are waaaaay too many sensitive souls out there that don’t understand this is a cold, cruel web… where your work is on a public forum. Always under a microscope, always ready to be criticized, one email away from you having a bad day…..

Believe it or not, I AM blogging nicely.

I continue to encourage and spotlight the work of my friends, offer kind words of encouragement. I’ll gladly tell Zippygirl that I find her entries very insightful; how Eric Ruhalter, The Webmistress and Cathie Walker are comedic geniuses; Tom Fulp is a genius PERIOD; Misty and Bonnie Burton are cuties; Amanda Formaro and Jeffrey Zeldman make great webzines, and how I appreciated Netscape (soon-to-be) Diva‘s tips on making my page work better on all platforms; encourage up and coming artists like Skizz, Aaron Cohen , and Warren “Texel” Ahner, not to mention all my friends from the “Internet Day” crowd….

However, when some guy that doesn’t know me, incites a riot, destroys all the evidence, and then starts saying shit about me that he should take a deep look inside and wonder who he’s really talking to… yeah, you’re gonna hear that too.

Then there’s obnoxious, overbearing bastards like Jon Sullivan and Matthew Rossi . Well, we got this “testosterone-charged” rivalry going on. Like we’re all sitting there on our Harleys, passing a 40-ounce beer to each other: “Here ya fucking dickhead!”, “Yeah, man…I love you too…asshole.” It’s a comedy act we’re fine-tuning on MetaFilter, and then taking on the road, starting with a three-week engagement at Lake Tahoe.

Basically, I perceive “Non-negative Blogging” as “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it/Don’t dish it out to those who can’t take it.” I choose to feel people out and deal with them in the same way they deal with others.

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