[#Script #Coding] A Visual IDE for React?!? The Future of Web Development

A Visual IDE for React?!? The Future of Web Development

By codeSTACKr
Published: Jan 02, 2023

codeSTACKr Download Codux Free at https://codux.hopp.to/codeSTACKr

Codux is a visual IDE, or graphical editor, that allows you to build and edit React components like you’re drawing on a canvas.

You’ll see and have access to the code right inside Codux, but it shouldn’t replace your existing IDE. In fact, the goal of Codux is not to replace your existing IDE, but to turbo charge your React workflow by giving you the ability to visually edit as well. As you make changes in Codux you’ll see the updates happen in real time in your existing IDE.

Codux supports any React project built using TypeScript with styling in CSS, Sass, or CSS Modules, and has full Git integration.

Another great feature is the ability to develop components in isolation. That’s generally how we build in React. We build components. But we usually can’t see each component rendered in isolation. With Codux, you can work on each component individually, see each component in various states, then bring them all together where needed.

Because this is a graphical user interface, even someone with little to no React experience can easily update and edit components visually and be confident that the updates reflected in the code will be accurate.

Just like in your browser’s dev tools, you’ll see all of the CSS styles for each element and you can edit them. This makes memorizing every CSS property name and value a thing of the past. Every property is visually available to edit. And these changes take place immediately in your code base.

To get started, you can import almost any existing React project or create a new project from scratch.

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  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 02:25 – Building a YouTube Clone from scratch using Codux
  • 02:42 – Create a new project
  • 05:51 – Building the header component
  • 07:23 – Building the side menu bar component
  • 08:19 – Building the filters bar component
  • 09:33 – Building the video card component
  • 10:42 – Defining TypeScript props for your video card component
  • 11:39 – Putting it all together in our App component
  • 13:20 – Run the application locally to test
  • 13:34 – Giving the YouTube clone a new name
  • 13:49 – Commit our changes and publish to GitHub

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