[#Script #Coding] AWS Cloud Complete Bootcamp Course

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AWS Cloud Complete Bootcamp Course

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Nov 27, 2023

freeCodeCamp.org The AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp is a free comprehensive training program to equip you with the skills and knowledge to successfully design, build, and implement a cloud project.


Developed by Andrew Brown.

00:00 Intro
07:10 Welcome to the FREE AWS Cloud Project Bootcamp
10:05 Create a GitHub Account
13:46 Set Up MFA on your GitHub Account
15:01 Create a Gitpod Account
17:56 How Do I get the Gitpod Button
21:56 Setup GitHub Codespaces
23:16 Create AWS Account
33:08 Creating Repository from the Github Template
34:54 Create Lucidchart Account
37:38 Create Honeycomb.io Account
39:56 Create Rollbar Account
41:08 Wk 0 Billing & Architecture
2:40:32 Wk 0 Generate Credentials, AWS CLI, Budget & Billing Alarm via CLI
4:03:37 Wk 0 Pricing Basics & Free tier
4:24:35 AWS Organizations & AWS IAM
5:26:54 Wk 0 Homework
5:34:37 Wk 0 Lucid Charts
6:15:58 Homework Grading
6:35:27 Updating Journal
7:22:27 Scrubing Github History of Sensitive Data
8:09:29 Wk 1 App Containerization
10:10:35 Wk 1 After Stream Commit Code
10:12:25 Wk 1 Gitpod, Github Codespaces, AWS Cloud9 & Cloudtrail
10:22:33 Docker Container Security Best Practices
11:03:46 Grading
11:10:29 Wk 1 Create the notification
11:42:42 Wk 1 DynamoDB & Postgres vs Docker
12:02:00 Before You Ask For Help
12:28:30 Wk 2 Distributed Tracing
14:24:51 Observability vs Monitoring Explained in AWS
14:53:48 Wk 2 Instrument XRay
15:42:48 Wk 2 CloudWatch Logs
15:54:14 Pick the right cloud role
16:47:06 Wk 2 Rollbar
17:07:40 Wk 2 Github Codespaces Crash Course
17:56:54 Wk 2 X-Ray Subsegments Solved
18:27:27 Wk 2 Honeycomb, Rollbar, AWS X-Ray & AWS Cloudwatch Logs pricing considerations
18:34:02 Amazon Cognito Security Best Practices
19:07:31 Wk 3 Decentralized Authenication
21:07:16 Wk 3 Cognito Custom Pages
21:47:04 Wk 3 Congito JWT Server side Verify
22:54:49 Wk 3 Exploring JWTs
23:20:50 Wk 3 Improving UI
23:57:15 Securing Amazon RDS Postgres DB
24:16:16 Wk 4 Relational DBs
26:12:52 Wk 4 SQL RDS
27:27:52 Wk 4 Cognito Post Confirmation Lambda
28:16:53 Wk 4 Creating Activities
30:16:46 Wk 5 NoSQL & Caching
32:16:40 Amazon DynamoDB for security & speed
32:41:06 Wk 5 DynamoDb Utility Scrips
34:29:15 Wk 5 Implement Conversations with DynamoDB
36:12:13 Wk 5 DynamoDB Stream
36:55:23 What hiring managers want from your resume
37:29:16 Amazon ECS Security Best Practices
37:55:05 Wk 6-7 ECS Fargate (Pt 1 & 2)
42:27:04 Wk 6 Deploying Containers
43:11:06 Wk 6 7 Securing Flask (Pt 1 & 2)
44:27:41 Wk 6-7 Further Investigation into Werkzeug
44:36:26 Wk 6-7 Fix Messaging
45:40:17 Wk 6-7 Implement Refresh Token Cognito
46:16:33 Wk 7 Fargate Configuring for Container Insights
48:38:59 Wk 7 CORS, Load Balancing, Domains
49:01:21 Wk 6-7?Guest Instructor Maish, Fargate Technical Questions
49:41:58 Securely Host a Website on AWS with a Custom Domain
50:03:19 Implementing Timezones for ISO 8601
50:25:19 Wk 8 Serverless Image Processing
Wk 8 Severless Image Process CDK
Wk 8 Serving Avatars via CloudFront
Wk 8 Implement Users Profile Page
Wk 8 Implement Migrations Backend Endpoint & Profile Form
Wk 8 Implement Avatar Uploading Pt 1
Wk 8 Fix CORS for API Gateway
Wk 8 Fix CORS Final AWS Lambda Layers
Wk 8 Render Avatar from CloudFront
62:33:09 They all landed jobs in cloud
63:16:11 Wk 9 CI?CD
65:03:04 Wk 9 Fix CodeBuild Issues
65:15:22 Wk 9 CodePipeline
65:49:56 Wk 10 CloudFormation
Wk 10-11 CFN For Networking Layer
Wk 10-11 CFN Diagramming the Network Layer
Wk 10 11 CFN Cluster Layer
Wk 10-11 CFN Toml Pt 1
Wk 10 11 CFN Toml Pt 2
Wk 10-11 CFN Cluster Layer Finish
Wk 10-11 CFN Diagram Cluster
Wk 10-11 CFN Svc Layer
74:31:42 AWS CloudFormation Security Best Practices
74:53:06 CFN ECS Fargate Svc Debugging
75:44:26 CFN ECS Faragate Svc Debugging Further
75:54:30 CFN RDS
76:10:10 CFN RDS Finish
76:53:08 CFN Svc Attempt Again
77:04:57 CFN Svc Fixed
77:28:56 CFN Svc Confirmed Fixed
77:29:54 CFN Diagramming Svc & RDS
78:14:45 SAM CFN for Dynamodb DynamoDB Streams Lambda
80:26:53 SAM CFN Fix SAM Lambda Code Artifact
80:31:36 Diagramming DynamoDB
80:41:20 CFN CICD Pt 1 & 2
81:36:34 CFN Diagramming CICD
81:57:17 CFN Static Website Hosting Frontend
82:53:11 CFN Diagramming Static Frontend
83:07:59 Final week
Wk X Sync tool for static website hosting
Wk X Reconnect DB & Post Confirmation Lambda
Wk X CORS for Svc
Wk X CICD Pipeline & Create Activity
Wk X Refactor JWT to a decorator
Wk X Refactor AppPy
Wk X Refactor Flask Routes
Wk X Replies Work In Progress
Wk X Refactor Error Handling & Fetch Requests
Wk X Activity Show Page
Wk X Cleanup
097:51:33 Project Validation Tool Building
101:07:04 CPBVT Fighting with ChatGPT
101:56:22 CPBVT Implementing Many API Commands
104:07:16 CBVT Validators
106:29:39 CBVT Rules
106:56:04 Rollbar Fix for Updated Flask
107:32:39 Final Submissions Instructions

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