[#Script #Coding] Code a 2D Game Engine using Java – Full Course for Beginners

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Code a 2D Game Engine using Java – Full Course for Beginners

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Jan 03, 2022

freeCodeCamp.org Learn how to program a 2D game engine from scratch using the Java Programming Language. You will use the game engine to create a Super Mario Clone but the engine can be used to create other games as well.

Code: https://github.com/codingminecraft/MarioYoutube/tree/master
Course created by GamesWithGabe. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQP4…

Part 2 (final hour of this course): https://youtu.be/roPRqEQZFu8

    Course Contents

  • (00:00:06) Introduction
  • (00:07:54) Setting up the Window with LWJGL
  • (00:25:20) Adding Event Listeners with GLFW
  • (00:51:42) Creating a Scene Manager & Delta Time Variable
  • (01:11:26) How OpenGL Graphics Programming Works
  • (01:32:53) Drawing the First Square
  • (02:02:56) Regexes and Shader Abstraction
  • (02:24:25) Game Camera OpenGL
  • (02:47:47) GLSL Shaders
  • (03:08:45) Texture Loading in LWJGL3
  • (03:36:02) Entity Component System
  • (04:06:25) Batch Rendering in LWJGL3
  • (04:50:00) Resource Management in LWJGL3
  • (05:05:30) Texture Batching
  • (05:38:48) Spritesheets
  • (06:01:12) Dirty Flags in Rendering
  • (06:23:17) Alpha Blending and Z-Indexing
  • (06:38:56) Integrating ImGui
  • (07:01:56) ImGui Fonts and Scene Integration
  • (07:19:43) Serialization with Gson
  • (07:42:48) Deserialization with Gson
  • (08:06:03) Exposing Variables to the Level Editor
  • (08:25:29) Converting Screen Coords to World Coords
  • (08:49:27) Drag ‘N Drop Level Editor
  • (09:15:25) Debug Drawing Functions
  • (09:47:35) Snap To Grid Tool
  • (10:10:25) Debug Drawing Boxes and Circles
  • (10:28:58) Framebuffers in OpenGL
  • (10:52:56) ImGui Docking in Java LWJGL
  • (11:11:55) Adding a Game Viewport
  • (11:34:51) Mouse Screen Coordinates to Game Viewport Coordinates
  • (11:50:01) Pixel PERFECT Mouse Picking
  • (12:23:39) Enabling Mouse Picking and Code Maintenance
  • (12:35:16) Editor Camera Controls with Lerp
  • (13:01:48) Coding Gizmos
  • (13:31:03) Translate and Scale Gizmo
  • (14:04:29) Properties Panel
  • (14:33:53) Integrating JBox2D in our Engine
  • (14:54:53) Event System and Box2D Physics
  • (15:19:09) Adding an Engine Runtime (Play/Stop Buttons)
  • (16:10:10) Refactoring and Physics
  • (16:40:28) Font Rendering
  • (16:43:34) Beginning Scene Hierarchy & ImGui Upgrade
  • (17:00:38) Scene Panel Drag & Drop (ImGui)
  • (17:18:31) Even More Bug Fixing
  • (17:44:51) 2D Animations
  • (18:18:29) Sounds with OpenAL
  • (18:44:27) Improving the Editor
  • (19:21:24) How to Use Box2D Physics
  • (20:06:12) Pillbox Colliders and Player Controllers
  • (20:45:32) Variable Length Jumps
  • (21:25:28) Powerups
  • (21:51:52) Goomba AI
  • (22:29:59) Mario Pipes & Editor Improvements
  • (23:01:59) Game Camera & Grid Lines
  • (23:28:28) Mario Turtle AI
  • (https://youtu.be/roPRqEQZFu8) Adding Flag Poles to Mario
  • (https://youtu.be/roPRqEQZFu8) Fireballs and Bug Fixes
  • (https://youtu.be/roPRqEQZFu8) The LAST Episode and Distributing your Game

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