[#Script #Coding] Data Analyst Bootcamp for Beginners (SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Python, Excel, Pandas, Projects, more)

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Data Analyst Bootcamp for Beginners (SQL, Tableau, Power BI, Python, Excel, Pandas, Projects, more)

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Jan 09, 2024

freeCodeCamp.org Become a data analyst by following along with this massive course. You will learn the core topics that data analysts need to know. And along the way, you will build plenty of projects to gain hands-on experience.

?? Bootcamp developed by @AlexTheAnalyst

???? Analyst Builder: https://www.analystbuilder.com/

???? Access the datasets used here: https://github.com/AlexTheAnalyst

?? Chapters ??
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:10 How to Become a Data Analyst in 2023 (Completely FREE!)
00:15:08 SQL Basics Tutorial | Installing SQL Server Management Studio and Create Tables
00:24:44 SQL Basics Tutorial | Select + From Statements
00:30:57 SQL Basics Tutorial | Where Statement
00:38:54 SQL Basics Tutorial | Group By + Order By Statements
00:47:03 Intermediate SQL Tutorial | Inner/Outer Joins | Use Cases
01:02:55 Intermediate SQL Tutorial | Unions | Union Operator
01:08:19 Intermediate SQL Tutorial | Case Statement | Use Cases
01:15:44 Intermediate SQL Tutorial | Having Clause
01:19:15 Intermediate SQL Tutorial | Updating/Deleting Data
01:23:51 Intermediate SQL Tutorial | Aliasing
01:30:02 Intermediate SQL Tutorial | Partition By
01:34:16 Advanced SQL Tutorial | CTE (Common Table Expression)
01:37:59 Advanced SQL Tutorial | Temp Tables
01:48:18 Advanced SQL Tutorial | String Functions + Use Cases
02:02:06 Advanced SQL Tutorial | Stored Procedures + Use Cases
02:08:20 Advanced SQL Tutorial | Subqueries
02:16:57 Data Analyst Portfolio Project | SQL Data Exploration
03:34:01 Data Analyst Portfolio Project | Data Cleaning in SQL
04:28:41 Pivot Tables in Excel | Excel Tutorial
04:46:15 Formulas in Excel | Excel Tutorial
05:20:07 XLOOKUP in Excel | Excel Tutorial
05:38:52 Conditional Formatting in Excel | Excel Tutorial
05:59:49 Charts in Excel | Excel Tutorial
06:14:58 Cleaning Data in Excel | Excel Tutorial
06:36:02 Full Project in Excel | Excel Tutorial
07:16:49 How to Install Tableau and Create First Visualization | Tableau Tutorial
07:33:53 How to use Calculated Fields and Bins in Tableau | Tableau Tutorial
07:40:17 How to Create Visualizations in Tableau | Tableau Tutorial
07:54:20 How to use Joins in Tableau | Tableau Tutorial
08:08:47 Full Beginner Project in Tableau | Tableau Tutorial
08:53:02 How to Install Power BI | Building First Visualization | Microsoft Power BI
09:05:51 How to use Power Query in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
09:18:57 How to Create and Manage Relationships in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
09:27:33 How to use DAX in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
09:43:16 How to use Drill Down in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
09:49:18 How to use Conditional Formatting in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
09:59:10 How to use Bins and Lists in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
10:08:40 Popular Visualizations in Power BI | Microsoft Power BI
10:22:54 Full Power BI Guided Project | Microsoft Power BI
11:05:31 Installing Jupyter Notebooks/Anaconda | Python
11:15:34 Variables in Python | Python
11:28:51 Data Types in Python | Python
11:50:48 Comparison, Logical, and Membership Operators in Python | Python
11:58:03 If Else Statements in Python | Python
12:04:42 For Loops in Python | Python
12:13:59 While Loops in Python | Python
12:19:39 Functions in Python | Python
12:32:22 Converting Data Types in Python | Python
12:38:57 Building a BMI Calculator with Python | Python Project
12:53:19 Building an Automated File Sorter in File Explorer using Python | Python Project
13:10:10 Inspecting Web Pages with HTML | Web Scraping in Python
13:16:03 BeautifulSoup + Requests | Web Scraping in Python
13:23:01 Find and Find_All | Web Scraping in Python
13:35:11 Scraping Data from a Real Website | Web Scraping in Python
14:00:33 Reading in Files in Pandas | Python Pandas Tutorials
14:19:49 Filtering Columns and Rows in Pandas | Python Pandas Tutorials
14:31:37 Indexes in Pandas | Python Pandas Tutorials
14:42:59 Group By and Aggregate Functions in Pandas | Python Pandas Tutorials
14:54:04 Merging DataFrames in Pandas | Python Pandas Tutorials
15:16:13 Creating Visualizations using Pandas Library | Python Pandas Tutorials
15:33:02 Data Cleaning in Pandas | Python Pandas Tutorials
16:11:39 Exploratory Data Analysis in Pandas | Python Pandas Tutorials
16:43:52 Amazon Web Scraping Using Python | Data Analyst Portfolio Project
17:31:03 Automating Crypto Website API Pull Using Python | Data Analyst Project
18:22:13 How to Create a Portfolio Website
18:57:39 Create the Perfect Data Analyst Resume
19:15:16 Top 3 Tips on Using LinkedIn to Land a Job
19:22:05 Get Your Data Analyst Bootcamp Certification

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