[#Script #Coding] Learn Rust Programming – Complete Course 🦀

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Learn Rust Programming – Complete Course 🦀

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Jun 08, 2023

freeCodeCamp.org In this comprehensive Rust course for beginners, you will learn about the core concepts of the language and underlying mechanisms in theory.

✏️ Course developed by @zubiarfan

🔗 Rust by Practice: https://practice.rs/
🔗 Code: https://github.com/3rfaan/courses/tree/main/Rust/rust-by-practice/src

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
00:00:00 Introduction & Learning Resources
00:06:19 Variables
00:27:07 Numbers & Binary System
01:09:51 Chars, Bools & Unit Types
01:17:55 Statements & Expressions
01:24:50 Functions
01:32:53 Ownership
02:24:06 Borrowing
02:47:45 String vs. &str
03:17:59 Slices
03:31:35 Tuples
03:40:04 Structs
04:02:52 Enums
04:13:46 The “Option” Enum
04:21:32 Flow Control
04:44:43 Pattern Match
05:16:42 Methods & Associated Functions
05:31:50 Generics
06:06:32 Traits
06:47:15 Trait Objects
07:09:51 Associated Types
07:39:31 String
07:59:52 Vectors
08:29:00 HashMaps
08:52:45 Type Coercion
09:04:54 From & Into
09:36:03 panic!
09:44:56 Result
10:28:23 Cargo, Crates & Modules
11:08:28 Debug & Display
11:30:13 Lifetimes
12:14:46 Lifetime Elision
12:38:53 Closures
13:30:08 Iterators

12:53:20 Because of the `move` keyword the closure actually takes ownership of the `movable` variable, not an immutable reference. The reason we can call the closure twice is because the `movable` variable INSIDE the closure is the owner of the data. Meaning we can call the closure any number of times.

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