[#Script #Coding] .NET Microservices – Full Course for Beginners

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.NET Microservices – Full Course for Beginners

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Feb 25, 2022

freeCodeCamp.org Learn the foundational elements of a microservices architecture with .NET in this beginner level course. You will incrementally building a real microservices-based application with the .NET platform and C#.

Get the code: https://youtube.dotnetmicroservices.com/netmicroservicesbasics
Course created by Julio Casal. Check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw8a…
Want to master microservices? Learn more from Julio here: https://dotnetmicroservices.com

    Course Contents

  • (0:00:14) Module 1- Welcome to the course!
  • (0:04:52) Development environment setup
  • (0:12:39) Customizing VS Code for C# Development
  • (0:17:37) What’s wrong with the monolith?
  • (0:25:32) What are microservices?
  • (0:35:18) Module 2- Your first microservice
  • (0:35:53) Creating a microservice via the .NET CLI
  • (0:45:46) Introduction to the REST API and DTOs
  • (0:47:35) Adding the DTOs
  • (0:50:52) Adding the REST API operations
  • (1:15:57) Handling invalid inputs
  • (1:27:04) Module 3- Adding database storage
  • (1:27:51) Introduction to the repository pattern and MongoDB
  • (1:30:13) Implementing a MongoDB repository
  • (1:44:18) Using the repository in the controller
  • (1:55:11) Introduction to Docker
  • (1:56:57) Trying out the REST API with a MongoDB container
  • (2:09:50) Introduction to Dependency Injection and Configuration
  • (2:14:47) Implementing dependency injection and configuration
  • (2:31:40) Module 4- Preparing for the next microservice
  • (2:32:37) Using Postman
  • (2:48:01) Reusing common code via NuGet
  • (2:52:12) Refactoring into a generic MongoDB repository
  • (3:03:02) Refactoring MongoDB registration into extension methods
  • (3:10:07) Moving generic code into a reusable NuGet package
  • (3:26:04) Introduction to Docker Compose
  • (3:28:24) Moving MongoDB to docker compose
  • (3:39:18) Module 5- Synchronous inter-service communication
  • (3:40:12) Creating the Inventory microservice
  • (4:06:47) Introduction to synchronous communication
  • (4:10:29) Implementing synchronous communication via IHttpClientFactory
  • (4:22:15) Understanding timeouts and retries with exponential backoff
  • (4:25:45) Implementing a timeout policy via Polly
  • (4:35:41) Implementing retries with exponential backoff
  • (4:46:53) Understanding the circuit breaker pattern
  • (4:49:59) Implementing the circuit breaker pattern
  • (4:56:36) Module 6- Asynchronous inter-service communication
  • (4:57:31) Introduction to asynchronous communication
  • (5:07:23) Defining the message contracts
  • (5:11:09) Publishing messages via MassTransit
  • (5:22:21) Standing up a RabbitMQ docker container
  • (5:30:04) Refactoring MassTransit configuration into the reusable NuGet package
  • (5:41:11) Consuming messages for eventual data consistency
  • (6:01:54) Removing the inter-service synchronous communication
  • (6:16:32) Module 7- Initial Frontend Integration
  • (6:17:02) Installing Node.js
  • (6:20:13) Getting started with the frontend
  • (6:34:55) Understanding CORS
  • (6:40:50) Adding the CORS middleware
  • (6:46:49) Exploring the frontend to microservices communication
  • (7:05:18) Next Steps

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