[#Script #Coding] Pimp my Font – VS Code Style

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Pimp my Font – VS Code Style

By codeSTACKr
Published: Feb 17, 2023

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Code Tip of the Day:
Font ligatures are special characters that combine multiple characters into a single symbol.

They can help your overall coding experience and make your code more readable and elegant, especially when it comes to symbol like not equal, greater than or equal, and less than or equal.

But they are definitely up to user preference. Some people love them, and some hate them. Personally, I like them.

In Visual Studio Code, you can easily enable font ligatures by editing the settings.json file, and adding `”editor.fontLigatures”: true`.

You will also need to use a font that supports ligatures because not all do.

Some popular fonts like Fira Code, Cascadia Code, and Hasklig which extends Source Code Pro are great coding fonts that have support for ligatures.

And my custom STACKr Code font which is included with my VS Code Hero course has ligature support as well.

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