[#Script #Coding] SQL Database App with Windows GUI – Project Tutorial

SQL Database App with Windows GUI – Project Tutorial

By freeCodeCamp.org
Published: Mar 16, 2023

freeCodeCamp.org Learn how to design and use databases. You will create a graphical Windows application with C# that can display and modify data from a mySQL database server.

You need Microsoft Windows to follow along.

@shadsluiter is your instructor for this course. He is a Professor Of Computer Science and Software Development at Grand Canyon University.

Professor Sluiter has more courses here: http://studycoding.org


    • Course Outline
    • Create a new database in mySQL
    • How to write sql queries
    • Create a GUI front end app
    • Create a Data Access Object and connect to a database
    • Query the database
    • Add a picture box to display album art
    • Insert new records into the database
    • Create a second table and a foreign key
    • Table joins part a
    • Table joins part b
    • Design with UML and ER diagrams
    • Perform compound select actions
    • Delete data from a table
    • Add a video player to the app
    • Extended Features
      • (0:00:00) Introduction
      • (0:04:33) Tools we’ll need
      • (0:08:49) Creating a new database
      • (0:12:16) Saving the data
      • (0:16:04) How to fill in a table
      • (0:20:26) Select star from albums
      • (0:23:44) How to delete backticks
      • (0:27:16) Intro to the series
      • (0:34:40) How to delete the backticks
      • (0:37:49) Building the database app
      • (0:42:22) Start of the demo
      • (0:46:33) Creating an album class
      • (0:51:19) Adding two albums to the list
      • (0:55:11) Connecting the database to the database
      • (0:58:08) Where does the data source live?
      • (1:04:42) Setting up the database
      • (1:07:53) Running the app
      • (1:10:37) How to create searches
      • (1:13:55) Programming the new search button
      • (1:18:12) The problem with parameter queries
      • (1:21:56) Adding a picture to the screen
      • (1:26:12) How to test the problem
      • (1:30:45) Adding new records to the database
      • (1:39:22) Adding an integer to the database
      • (1:43:27) Adjusting the column titles
      • (1:46:13) Execute non-query query
      • (1:49:06) Creating a foreign key
      • (1:51:47) Install mysql workbench
      • (1:55:05) Connecting to the database
      • (1:59:04) Configuring the tracks table
      • (2:06:49) We have a problem with Mamp synchronization
      • (2:10:01) Inserting data into the tracks table
      • (2:13:08) Selecting items from the database
      • (2:16:46) Changes to the definition of tracks
      • (2:20:55) Fixing the problem with the binding source
      • (2:24:12) Foreign keys and joins
      • (2:27:36) Selecting from the table
      • (2:31:15) Changing the query using a join
      • (2:39:10) Uml diagrams for our current application
      • (2:41:58) Associative vs aggregation
      • (2:45:47) Introduction to compound queries
      • (2:49:53) Fetching the list of all tracks
      • (2:53:03) Using the delete statement to delete tracks
      • (2:56:35) The problem with converting an integer to an integer
      • (3:00:33) Deleting a track by deleting its Id

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