Slaving away at Server-Space

I decided to make a last-minute twist and go PHP at Server-Space. The site is still in the “Under Construction” stage, but it’s not stopping people from signing up for more information like crazy!

With me and Carole both working yesterday, we took turns keeping the kids at our jobs for a few hours… by 11:30, me and the kids were bored silly, so I took them down the block for the…

Brace yourself….


(I’m serious. Stop laughing… they really have stuff like that in Stroudsburg.)

Garlic popcorn, garlic artwork, even garlic wine that claims to be as powerful as viagra.

I shit you not.

We lasted about 10 minutes there with the smell. The Adorable BrooksKidz wouldn’t even let me stick around and check out the special musical guests: THE GARLIC-EATING TUBA TROUBADOURS.

First time I ever took the tribe to a festival, and not have to spend a dime… they wouldn’t even take the freebies the vendors offered.

Eventually, our appetites returned… and we ran around the corner for pizza.

Plain pizza. ;0)

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