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End the Liberal Voluntary Extinction Movement:

“I have a degree in philosophy, so I get increasingly tired of some self-consciously Liberal snot-wad who has memorized a list of logical fallacies lecturing me about going ad hominem. Sorry, but in politics the fact that someone is a scumbag isn’t ad hominem, it’s relevant. That’s not to say that their claim that, say, Madison is the capital of Wisconsin is untrue because they are a proven lying and dishonest scumbag. However, when they claim an abstract such as their HAVING the moral authority to lead this nation, the fact that they are a lying and dishonest scumbag counts.Conservatives have one thing going for them: Conviction. This is not to say they are in the right, but that they have the drive and attention to detail of the organized serial rapist. As wrong as it may be, they are sadists dedicated to their craft.”

Go read Reverend Mykeru, and find out why it’s so much easier for the “Bush is as infallible as the Pope” conservatives, and the “let’s hold hands and be nice” liberal crowd, to just BAN him rather than hear what he has to say.

"I have never seen in almost 14 years of Army experience anything that callous," said Borell, who recounted the June 13 incident to The Associated Press.
Of course these are the same people who dare call people like me a “lefty” or “Un-American” simply because I don’t adhere to thier beliefs that “any ol’ dead Arab will do” for 9/11.

You CAN be a Republican and/or a good American and STILL think Iraq was a bad move, you know. You can also believe there’s a time for war, and a time to use your brain. And (God forbid) some compassion toward humanity, like Sargeant Borell, in the photo above, tried to show.

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