Sorry, can’t resist

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“One thing is for certain, though, about me, and the world has learned this: When I say something, I mean it. And the credibility of the United States is incredibly important for keeping world peace and freedom.”

President Bush – 04/13/04

Hoo boy.

  • Trust, Don’t Verify – Bush’s incredible definition of credibility (Slate)
  • Read it already, George (Reverend Mykeru)
  • And for the “Bush inherited the recession” crowd, Blunted on Reality offers rock-solid proof the recession began in March 2001 (A little after Slick Willie’s reign).

It’s not been a good week, has it?
As Robin Williams once said: “Reality, what a concept!”

Personally, I never touch the stuff.

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5 thoughts on “Sorry, can’t resist

  1. Another quote FROM the Bush press conference:

    Libya was a nation that … was dangerous
    because of weapons. … By the way, they
    found, I think, 50 tons of mustard gas
    – Bush, 13 Apr. 02004

    USA is estimated to have fired 500-600 tons of depleted uranium in Afghanistan. Depleted uranium is chemically toxic and radioactive.

  2. Absolutely, when Shrubya says something he means it! Unless he meant something else. But definately, when he makes a decision after the fact, he means it, or would have, if he’d have said something before, you know, before it was really what he meant, or when he really meant to say … whatever it was, that he would have said, when he really really would have meant it. And if he didn’t say it, he’s sure one of his people said it for him … except that, yeah, that thing that he really wouldn’t have meant … ’cause they were out of the loop, and he really meant … that thing that meant something.

    Have a pretzel and shut the f*** up George.

  3. That’s right, Wulfgar! And when he means what he says, it isn’t meant to be mean or meant in the meaning of meanness. It’s just simply meant to mean that our credibility is incredibly important, meaning that our believability is believed to be meant as unbelievably crucial as our beliefs will be allowed. Believe it or not.

    OW! headache! Must take an aspirin.
    (As much as I love philosphy and discussing abstract ideas… it tends to make my brain hurt.)

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