[#Art #Animation] Making a Walk Cycle in Adobe Animate!

Making a Walk Cycle in Adobe Animate!

By BaM Animation
Published: Feb 14, 2018

BaM Animation Learn how we made a walk cycle in Adobe Animate! We used some traditional animation, and Some symbols to make this animated loop. We will also learn how to make a PERFECT CIRCLE in Photoshop and the basics of Animation and Symbols

Special thanks to Sameer for submitting his art:

Brent’s Channel!

Animation Sucsess Stories Interview!

BaM is dedicated to teaching artists all about the animation industry, and skills sets including character design, background design, animation, and painting! Send us your art, and BaM will make an episode about YOU!

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[#Krita #Animation] Krita Tutorial: RGB Split & Glow FX For Animation

Krita Tutorial: RGB Split & Glow FX For Animation

By Ed Tadeo
Published: Nov 24, 2021

Ed Tadeo #Krita #FX #animation

You may need a better computer (an Intel i3+, or Ryzen 3+ with 8GB RAM or higher) to be able to create these effects. Please check your computer specs.


  • https://www.krita.org



By Ed Tadeo
Published: Sep 03, 2021

Ed Tadeo #Krita #animation #KapitanTog



[#Art #Animation] Studio Ghibli – LoFi beats

Studio Ghibli – LoFi beats

By BaM Animation
Published: Jun 13, 2018

BaM Animation Drawing like Miyazaki was a tough challenge, Here is the full timelapse of all the miyazaki themed art we did this episode!



Check out our LOFI Miyazaki Stream video here

Many Thanks to our Guest Animation Justin Noel


[#Design] Free Lynda.com Course – Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps

From CreativePro.comFree Lynda.com Course ? Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps:

Free Lynda.com Course ? Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps It’s time for another great free video from Lynda.com! Actually, this time it’s a whole free course: Kirstin Ellison’s Art and Illustration Careers: First Steps. That’s right, the whole course is free for everyone. Below are four videos from the first chapter. Here’s the official course description: If you’ve spent hours filling notebooks with sketches, and find joy in the creation of beautiful images, then you’ve probably wondered if you could turn your passion for art into a full-time job. In this course, learn the skills and tools you’ll need to pursue a career in art and illustration, and the jobs that you can get with them. Kristin Ellison – the content manager of art and illustration at LinkedIn Learning – kicks off the course by walking through the core elements of the creative process: drawing, composition, and color. Next, she highlights the specific skills and software you’ll need to successfully launch a career in 2D illustration, 3D illustration, and fine art. To wrap up, Kristin covers the business of art and illustration, sharing how to promote, present, and get paid for your work. Throughout the course, Kristin mentions additional courses you can reference to get an in-depth look at specific tools and skills…

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