[#AfterEffects #Video] After Effects + Photoshop Tutorial: 3D Parallax

After Effects + Photoshop Tutorial: 3D Parallax

By After Effects Series Tutorials
Published: Jan 03, 2019

After Effects Series Tutorials After Effects and Photoshop Tutorial: 3D Parallax Effects
Preview and stock: https://aevideos.net/after-effects-photoshop-tutorial-3d-parallax
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[#Graphics #Tutorial] Create "Resurrection" Surreal Photo Manipulation in #Photoshop

From PSD VaultCreate "Resurrection" Surreal Photo Manipulation in Photoshop:

Create ?Resurrection? Surreal Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the process of creating this "Resurrection" surreal photo manipulation in Photoshop. The photo manipulation simply tells a story about a girl’s spirit resurrected in a surreal environment. The environment is filled with space elements such as nebula & star…

[Graphics Tutorial] Creating a Beautiful, Watery Photo Manipulation With Photoshop

From PSD Vault – Latest Tutorial Listings For 2D GraphicsCreating a Beautiful, Watery Photo Manipulation With Photoshop:

Creating a Beautiful, Watery Photo Manipulation With Photoshop
Few things are more beautiful than water in motion. We’ll create a rocky, watery photo manipulation using Photoshop in this tutorial. Join us!

[Photoshop Tutorial] Removing Backgrounds in Photoshop

From Lindsay Is Awesome.Com – Latest Tutorial Listings For PhotoshopRemoving Backgrounds in Photoshop:

Removing Backgrounds in Photoshop
Removing backgrounds in images can be a daunting task for designers. You can go all out destructive and use the eraser tool – or you can use a non-destructive approach with masks in Photoshop.

[#Design] Creating a Postcard in Photoshop

From CreativePro.comCreating a Postcard in Photoshop:

Creating a Postcard in Photoshop
The Project: to make a fun postcard image from a beach vacation in the iconic “large letter” style of Curt Teich. You can learn more about Curt Teich in Greetings From Big Letters, USA, and explore the enormous digital archive of his postcards at Newberry.org. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’re making. Along the way we’ll see how to use several important Photoshop features for improving your photos, including content-aware crop and move, straighten, and the Patch tool. Using Content-Aware Crop and Straighten To begin, I have a photo I want to use as the background. It needs to be cropped to my postcard size and straightened. In CC 2017, you can take advantage of a Content-Aware option fill in any blank spots created while cropping. In the Options bar, I set the size of my image and make sure that Content-Aware is selected. To straighten my image, I use the Straighten button in the Options bar. I simply drag a line along the horizon to level it out. Since I’m taking advantage of Content-Aware crop to fill in parts of the sky, I can extend my crop area outside the boundaries of my image. Here is the result…

[#Graphics #Tutorial] A Technique for Clean Sharpening in #Photoshop

From Picture Correct – Latest Tutorial Listings For 2D GraphicsA Technique for Clean Sharpening in Photoshop:

A Technique for Clean Sharpening in Photoshop
Sharpening without introducing black or white edges around a subject can be a real challenge. Here’s a demonstration of how to sharpen images without the unsavory edges.

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