Top Headlines for March 16, 2023

Headline News from the Associated Press

Credit Suisse shares leap in delicate truce with doubters


Goldman Sachs, JPM expect hit to US economic growth from SVB crisis

South Korea and Japan hail spring thaw amid missiles and weight of history


Dell forecasts upbeat revenue on strong PC demand

Senate Republicans criticise Biden budget amid banking, market strains


T-Mobile scoops up owner of Ryan Reynolds-backed Mint Mobile for $1.35 billion

[#Script #Coding] Design a Scalable Mobile App With Figma Variants

Design a Scalable Mobile App With Figma Variants

Published: Apr 07, 2022 Learn how to use Figma Variants to design a scalable mobile app. Variants can streamline your frontend design process by allowing you to group and organize similar components into a single container.

Ahmet Efeoglu developed this course. Check out his channel:…

Tutorial file link:…
Homework file link:…M


  • (0:00:18) Intro
  • (0:02:13) Accessing Tutorial and Homework Files
  • (0:04:24) Project Overview
  • (0:05:27) Recommending Personal and freeCodeCamp Channel
  • (0:06:25) Basics Overview
  • (0:08:22) Learning The Frame Functionality
  • (0:10:25) Learning The Autolayout Functionality
  • (0:14:39) Learning The Component Functionality
  • (0:18:55) Learning The Variant Functionality
  • (0:21:42) Creating The Type System
  • (0:28:41) Creating The Color Palette/System
  • (0:35:54) Creating The Icon Set
  • (0:41:34) Creating Input Variants
  • (0:52:23) Creating Large Button Variant
  • (1:00:47) Designing Sign Up and Login Screen
  • (1:18:46) Creating Status Bar Variant
  • (1:23:14) Creating The Filter Variant
  • (1:27:40) Creating Bottom Navigation Variant
  • (1:35:02) Creating Image Card Variant
  • (1:49:27) Updating Input Variant
  • (1:57:31) Designing The Discover Screens
  • (2:15:20) Creating Large Avatar Variant
  • (2:24:05) Creating Small Button Variant
  • (2:32:45) Creating The Benefit Card Variant
  • (2:46:45) Designing Details Screen

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[#Strategy] Top 25 Mobile #Marketing Ideas in June

From – Marketing StrategyTop 25 Mobile Marketing Ideas in June – From AI Matchmaker Chatbots to Augmented Reality Egg Cartons (

Top 25 Mobile Marketing Ideas in June - From AI Matchmaker Chatbots to Augmented Reality Egg Cartons ( ( Immersive augmented reality technology, interactive chatbots and specialized apps are just a few of the ideas that are present in the top June 2017 mobile marketing concepts. A number of forward-thinking ideas meld digital technology with tangible objects, resulting in the creation of everything from augmented reality magazine covers and egg cartons to fast food containers and grocery store food labels that can be brought to life with the use of one’s phone…

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