That the best you got???

It appears some naughty little monkey or two has been HAVING fun in my Guestbook. In the past week or so, I’ve had to DELETE several hundred entries where they just keep pressing “submit”.

I figure it’s more than one because every 2nd or third IP address is the same (yes, I have your IP’s. Read the source code on the Guestbook page, Sherlock.).

Of course since I have an enemy list 2 miles wide I won’t speculate, and I never bothered to run trace routes on your lame ass. I put in a few safeguards, and quite frankly you barely register on my radar as a “nuisance”.

Perhaps if I’m bored one day, I may hunt you down and suck your eyeballs out.
No promises.

I just wanted to use this as an excuse to mention my Guestbook, and I’ll be bringing back the “Guestbook FROM Heaven/Hell” real soon.

I may rig it so the screen explodes in a spammer’s face.
If only I can stop giggling at that thought long enough to write the code.

8 thoughts on “That the best you got???

  1. -sucking eyeballs out-
    -screens exploding in faces-
    Shit dude….I didn’t know you had it in you!
    Have you been HAVING chat sessions with GW Bushy by any chance??) 😉

  2. LOL…. I like the idea of the screen exploding in a spammers face — if you ever do come up with the code for that, you’ll be definitely well paid by the rest of us out here that want to get back at the idgets of the world that get to us too.

  3. There was this cool Sci-Fi movie a few years back where a hacker developed a virus for visual communication programs… it manipulated the radiation and alpha waves in hi-resolution screens to change a person’s body chemistry and clacify them and turn them INTO stone.

    The movie sucked (after all, Robert Wagner was in it) but that was a cool and not-too-inconceivable concept. We already know some sites suck out your reasoning and make you dumb, right? :0)

    As far as the “I’m gonna suck their eyeballs out, Rog…” comment…

    I think it’s time for me to lay off the Mel Gibson/Lethal Weapon movies, huh? :0)

  4. Eric, uh, this may sound stupid but um, when I roll over the word ip, the ip that shows is mine. Is that the ip that you have or does that page just grab the ip of the current user? Because I assure you, I have been nowhere’s near your guestbook. Didn’t even know you had one honestly. I still read here, I just don’t post but that freaked me out.

  5. No, it’s just picking up the IP of the user in that link (In your case you. In my case, mine). Most likely it’s someone who are either coming off looking for fonts, and currently Windows Media is driving several thousand people here now.

    I don’t think it’s anyone we know, especially not you, Kat.

    I’m only recording the IP’s in the guestbook because I’ve had problems in the past. That’s a good site for you guys to hold on to in case someone is harrassing you and you need to track them down.

  6. Stupid people, with stupid lives…. unfortunately there will always be some of those around … Like Desiree, I kinda like the idea of screen exploding …lol

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