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I’ve closed the comments for the contest…

I’ve got a couple of great submissions FROM Jack, Toxiclabrat, and Crazy Tracy
(Kare is unfortunately ineligible, since after all she owns the diary site in question… but has been a really good sport through all of it.).

    Somehow, I thought it would be a no-brainer, but I’m really stuck.
    Q: “What is a bhoomi-bhoomi?” 

  • Jack – “An indian word for Mother Earth” (the running gag that followed was priceless)
  • Toxiclabrat – “Man, I thought it was a white version of Bling..Bling..”
  • Crazy Tracy – “It’s lesbian sex, using a dildo, a cordless drill and a sit-and-spin.”

I need some help… people.

And if you’re REALLY bored, and need a few laughs, go read the lame front TRISH brings on in the “Not MY Child” comments… guest starring a cameo by none other than Emperor Misha himself. Of course he implies his opinion outweighs mine (and probably everyone else’s for that matter.).

Emperor Misha IRoyalty, these days. I tell ya.
I hope he likes the “King Bob” (from Recess) graphic I made for him. 😀

Another hilarious note: When I originally wrote the rant, I wasn’t paying attention to the URL, I thought it was Trish FROM Serenity-Quest, and not some cheap knock-off wannabe. After a quick WHOIS lookup, we all realized her name is actually Valerie Munk…

… but calling her “Trish” seems to really piss her off to no end, so…

So watch me do what I do best… engage in a battle of wits with two unarmed opponents. :0)

The Reasons for Christmas ProjectI need a nap… somebody help me pick a winner for the CD.

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7 thoughts on “The polls are closed

  1. *G* I love the graphic!!!

    I think they all should win…one for accuracy, one for creativity, one for humor..
    just a thought 😉

  2. I agree 100%!!!! All three answers were great… and that’s where I’m stuck.

    Anyone interested in a jello-wrestling lightning round???

    Hey, hey… calm down. It was only a suggestion!

  3. Absolutely NOT!
    It was for the “best answer”… there was no right answer (I mean really, who knows how Kare’s mind works???).

    (Actually it was based on a character in a video game, when she found all variations of her name was taken… if you nosy people REALLY must know!!!)

    But no, we were aiming for fun and silliness… so you’re still in the game.

    I’m working on it here….
    I keep using my Diebold voting machine, but George W. Bush keeps coming up the winner. (???)

  4. Now, if it *were* “Dairy”, that would also rhyme with Kare … but then, you’d probably tell me you pronounce your name “care” or “kayree” – or maybe even “kyaree” – Let’s all sing the nitty-gritty bhoomi-bhoomi kare dairy itty bitty witty ditty 😉

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