Top Headlines for May 13, 2020

Headline News from the Associated Press
  • Ocasio-Cortez Among Top Dems Promoting Biden-Sanders Unity

    Joe Biden and the last rival he bested to become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders, on Wednesday announced the members of joint task forces their campaigns will use to promote party unity by hammering out consensus on six top policy issues.
  • Justices Hear Election Year Cases Over ‘Faithless Electors’

    The Supreme Court is taking up an unusual voting issue that could have important consequences for the 2020 presidential election in an era of intense political polarization.
  • India’s Financial Center Strains From Virus Amid Rescue Plan

    As Indians await details of a huge coronavirus relief package Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced to jump-start the economy, the virus outbreak in the financial capital of Mumbai and elsewhere in Maharashtra state is starting to overwhelm hospitals and slums, complicating any economic recovery plan.
  • Flynn Case Boosts Trump’s Bid to Undo Russia Probe Narrative

    When Michael Flynn was forced from the White House, Vice President Mike Pence said he was disappointed the national security adviser had misled him about his talks with the Russian ambassador. President Donald Trump called the deception unacceptable.
  • Sony’s Profits Dive as Stores, Cinemas Close During Pandemic

    Japanese electronics and entertainment company Sony Corp. reported Wednesday that its quarterly profit tumbled as the coronavirus pandemic delayed music and movie releases and disrupted product supply chains.
  • World’s Biggest Shipper Expects 25% Drop in Container Demand

    The world?s biggest shipping company, Denmark?s A.P. Moller-Maersk, said Wednesday that it expects its transport volumes to drop by up to 25% in the second quarter as the world economy slides toward recession.
  • Italy’s South Tyrol Invokes Autonomy to Pry Open Lockdown

    The blazing orange letters of fire spelled out a familiar message in Italy?s South Tyrol province, an old call to resistance repurposed for the days of the coronavirus: ??Los von Rom?? and ??Freiheit,?? German for ??Away from Rome?? and ??Freedom.??
  • AP PHOTOS: Spanish Ambulance Workers Fear Virus Rebound

    For the first time in weeks, Dr. Mónica Rodríguez has found some respite. But even as she enjoys card games and magic tricks at her ambulance team?s base in Madrid, the emergency doctor is not letting her guard down.
  • Kenyan Ballet Student Struggles in Slum With No Remote Class

    The coronavirus pandemic is forcing children to stay home and learn remotely. But in the depths of Kenya?s slums, 12-year-old ballet student Eugene Ochieng faces huge obstacles to remote learning: no computer, no internet access and very little space to practice.
  • As Europe Reopens, Key Virus Protections Are Still Elusive

    Italy?s virus reopening was supposed to be accompanied by a series of measures to limit infections in the one-time epicenter of Europe’s pandemic: the distribution of millions of inexpensive surgical masks to pharmacies nationwide, a pilot project of 150,000 antibody tests and, eventually, the roll-out of a contact-tracing app.
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