Top Headlines for May 30, 2020

Headline News from the Associated Press
  • In Unusual Move, US Embassies in Africa Speak Up on Floyd

    As Minneapolis burns over the police killing of George Floyd and shock and disappointment in Africa grow, some U.S. embassies on the continent have taken the unusual step of issuing critical statements, saying no one is above the law.
  • Nepal’s Parties Show Rare Unity on Border Dispute With India

    While Nepal’s latest border dispute with India has strained relations between South Asian neighbors with centuries-old historical, cultural and economic ties, it also has brought the tiny Himalayan nation’s bickering political parties together in a rare show of unity.
  • $10 Billion Bailout for Germany’s Lufthansa Passes Hurdle

    German flagship airline Lufthansa agreed Saturday to a compromise worked out between the government and the European Union, overcoming a major hurdle toward final approval of a 9 billion-euro ($10 billion) bailout from Berlin.
  • Merkel Won’t Attend G7 Summit in Person if US Goes Ahead

    Chancellor Angela Merkel will not personally attend a meeting in the U.S. with the leaders of the world?s major economies if President Donald Trump goes ahead with it, unless the course of the coronavirus spread changes by then, her office said Saturday.
  • Louisville PD Apologizes for Targeting News Crew at Protest

    A police officer was seen on camera firing what appeared to be pepper balls at a news crew during a live television broadcast of the second night of Louisville protests, prompting an apology from the Louisville Metro Police Department.
  • Thousands Ignore Minneapolis Curfew as U.S. Protests Spread

    Thousands of protesters ignored a curfew and vows of a forceful police response to take to the Minneapolis streets for a fourth straight night, as the anger stoked by the police killing of George Floyd spread to more cities across the U.S.
  • Italy’s Seas Speak: No Tourists or Boats Mean Cleaner Water

    Pollution from human and agriculture waste spilling into the seas off Rome has decreased 30% during Italy’s coronavirus lockdown, preliminary results from a nationwide survey of seawater quality indicate.
  • Protests Continue to Erupt in Cities Across the Country

    Demonstrations raged overnight across the U.S. in the third night of unrest in response to George Floyd?s death in Minneapolis police custody.
  • Biden Speaks of Racial ‘Open Wound,’ Contrasting With Trump

    Joe Biden lamented the ?open wound? of the nation’s systemic racism on Friday as he responded to the police killing of a black man in Minnesota. He drew an implicit contrast with President Donald Trump, who has suggested authorities could respond with violence to the protests that followed George Floyd?s death.
  • National Guard Summoned to Aid Cities Amid Police Clashes

    Georgia?s governor declared a state of emergency early Saturday to activate the state National Guard as violence flared in Atlanta and cities nationwide following the death in Minnesota of George Floyd after a white officer pressed a knee into his neck while taking him into custody.
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