[#Video #Design] 12 Days of Mograph: Win original music from Sonos Sanctus! #sounddesign #animation #motiondesign

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12 Days of Mograph: Win original music from Sonos Sanctus! #sounddesign #animation #motiondesign

By School of Motion
Published: Dec 04, 2023

School of Motion Enter to win 30 seconds of original music from the sound designers at Sonos Sanctus — today only: https://www.schoolofmotion.com/12days

12 Days of Mograph • Day 1 • 12/4/23
Tis the season for collaboration! Work with the masters at Sonos Sanctus to produce up to 30 seconds of original music for your personal animation project. 1 winner will be randomly picked to receive this prize. https://sanctus.audio/

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