[#Video #Design] 3D Character Design in Illustrator! | Turn Your 2D Designs into 3D!

3D Character Design in Illustrator! | Turn Your 2D Designs into 3D!

By School of Motion
Published: Nov 28, 2022

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Turn your 2D art into 3D! Learn how easy it is to turn 2D vector art into 3D character designs in Illustrator! Learn how to map 2D textures onto your 3D models in Illustrator and discover how to export your 3D character to other 3D applications like Adobe Stager, Blender or Cinema 4D! 3D is a super important skill to learn, and Illustrator makes it easy for any 2D artist to enter the world of 3D.

Cinema 4D Basecamp


  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:54 Prepping your Illustrator File
  • 01:15 Ways to turn your Illustrator file into a 3D object
  • 03:19 3D Inflate options
  • 04:40 Intro to materials & Substance Materials
  • 07:35 Adjusting lighting
  • 11:10 Creating Graphic Style presets for materials
  • 15:23 Adding 3D materials for eyes
  • 19:17 Adding 2D textures to your 3D object
  • 23:10 Exporting Illustrator File to Image
  • 23:50 Exporting 3D object as OBJ
  • 26:00 Importing 3D object to Cinema 4D
  • 27:10 Final Thoughts on 3D Illustrator Workflows

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