Why choose me to design your website?

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I’m seeing a surge of visitors who are responding to my flyers posted in the area.

I would assume you’ve heard the tired sales pitches like “Would you let a friend build your house?” or “Would you hire your nephew to fix your electric wiring?”…

Pay now or pay later.
It’s common sense. You let someone who knows what they’re doing handle such important matters. Maybe your friend is a mechanic. Maybe your nephew is a professional technician. I’ll wager 99% of the time they’re not, are they? 😀
Yet, many businesses still take a “Do-it-yourself” approach with websites; taking the most cost-effective route with their “first impression” to the public. If a person walked into their office looking disheveled and seeking a job, they would not hire them… IRONICALLY they fail to realize that their website has the same “turn-off” effect as that.

Can you have a sharp looking, effective and fully-optimized website?
You betcha. I have proven that time and time again.

Here’s proof:
When you search for Web Designers in the Poconos, who is holding steady on the front page with such competitive keywords, beating out many of the top professional firms in this area?

That’s not a coincidence. That was a careful strategy I set out to do a month ago. I may come off as arrogant and self-confident at times (this is, after all a personal website)… but I like to think I’ve earned it. I helped a judge get elected, a state representative get re-elected, helped pioneer the web presence of a media website, worked for a major advertising agency, and generated THOUSANDS of sales for dozens of real estate sites.

THAT is what you are looking for in a web designer, isn’t it?

One that will not only make a great site at a reasonable price, but to also lay out a winning strategy where that website will be seen, succeed, and have RESULTS.

Feel free to contact me to see what I can do for you. 🙂

* UPDATE 05/09/11 – It’s been 4 ½ Years since I wrote this, and I am STILL on Google’s Front Page for “Web Designers in the Poconos“. I have since moved, and Web Designers in Lancaster, PA is my new target. Watch me and learn, kids. 😀

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