An open letter to Landover Baptist Church

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From: Eric Brooks <>
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 7:44 PM
Subject: The Gospel of Landover Baptist

I just had to tell you how hard I’ve been laughing just reading two months of your letters. Landover Baptist, as well as Betty Bowers and, are some of my favorite sites for biting satire… and watching these brainwashed sheep not seeing the hypocrisy of their own churches is hilarious beyond words.

Being a veteran (survivor) of bouncing around several churches, I get and appreciate your humor more than you’ll ever know.

Next time these Fundie Bible thumpers call your site a “disgrace” or “the
worst they’ve ever seen”, go send them over to Fred Phelps’ place (Or his America loving site).

Have YOU accepted Jesus as your Lord and personal buddy?
Whatever you’re doing to piss these people off…KEEP IT UP! Maybe they’ll start to think (no promises, but here’s hoping.).

Yours in Buddy Christ,

Eric Brooks

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2 thoughts on “An open letter to Landover Baptist Church

  1. did you know that the whole Landover Baptist Church is a parody? its a hoax, a big scam……and they admit it. but, you have to search for it buried under a bunch of buisness jargon that no one reads.

    here’s how to find it:

    click here to register:

    read until you see a link for “beliefs”:

    scroll down to the very bottom of the page and click on the small “Terms of Service” link:

    read what it says. its right there in black and white: “The Landover Baptist Church is a complete work of fiction. It is a satire/parody.”

    pretty amazing……

  2. I’m a non-believer who has been patiently discussing Biblical topics with believers on the AOL message board “Do You Believe?”. A Landover “troll” recently appeared and posted outrageous stuff, making out that he was a Christian. I took him seriously until another non-believer let me in on the “joke”. I decided to “out” him, because I found him counterproductive to my discussions with Christians. I’ve been trying to show them that non-believers are not the evil maniacs that their preachers make us out to be. This deceptive stuff just “proves” to them how evil the atheists must be.

    I appreciate some of the Landover humor, but not “message board terrorism”.


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