Have we gone nuts???

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There’s got to be some mistake. How on earth can so many countries and so many people feel so strongly against our occupation (oops, I meant to say “liberation”) of Iraq, and yet polls in America strongly support it?

The world is apparently nuts. We can’t be wrong, right?

Saudi Arabia has handed us our eviction papers; Turkey wouldn’t let us use their bases for all the money in the world; Russia is constantly nagging us “So, where are the weapons, genius???”, and wouldn’t cave in to the administration’s threatspolite suggestions that “not supporting the invasion wouldn’t be beneficial for future U.S./Russian endeavors”.

Blair suffers double rebuff as peace-maker – “Mr Blair was taken aback when, at a joint news conference, Mr Putin ridiculed the US and Britain for failing to find weapons of mass destruction – or Saddam Hussein. Russia would not support lifting sanctions until there was ‘evidence’ that the weapons existed, Mr Putin said. He demanded a key role for the UN in post-war Iraq, including the return of its weapons inspectors.”

We had a war because Bush expected Saddam to PROVE he DIDN’T have weapons of mass destruction. Now we’re in and Rumsfeld feels, after bashing Hans Blix for months, that NOW it’s irrelevant whether we find these weapons or not. Saddam’s gone. Lift the damn sanctions already. Fuck U.N. resolution 1441, or 1401, or whatever the hell it was about the WMD’s.

Wouldn’t it be a HOOT if Putin made us PROVE something doesn’t EXIST now?
While we’re at it, I offer a challenge to you atheists out there: Prove there isn’t a God!!!!

Whatever happened to Hans Blix anyway?
The Elusive Weapons Of Mass Destruction – “Hans Blix has not been interviewed in the American media since the war began on March 19. However, he gave an extensive interview to the Spanish newspaper, El País on April 9 in which he made it clear that the United States’ claim that intelligence sources had proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was doubtful at best. ”

GASP!!! I can’t imagine why this wouldn’t make the papers in America, could you??? Well, there you go Russia. There’s no WMD’s in Iraq. Can you support lifting the sanctions now?

I mean, the love us… we set them free, and they’re on the road to democracy – The war is over (except for Iraq) – “Hatred was present in the taunts of the youths goading the American troops face-to-face, calling them “babies” and waving a banner that said “Sooner or later, US killers, we’ll kick you out”. And it was there in the burning eyes of the man outside Fallujah General Hospital, who began bellowing about the “lies of the Western press” and the wickedness of the American occupation after we arrived to see the bloodied victims of the latest US shooting.”

Oh shit, wait. Don’t click that. I meant to link to the American version where the protesters had militants shooting at the troops, and that’s why they fired back.


I look back at the August 2002 article “Seven Arguments Against Bombing Iraq” – “Besides, an American invasion of Iraq would probably weaken the battle against terrorism. It would not only distract from the more immediate threat posed by Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda network, but it would also likely result in an anti-American backlash that would lessen the level of cooperation from Islamic countries in tracking down and neutralizing the remaining Al Qaeda cells. ”

Ha! Yeah right! Like THAT is ever gonna happen!

Note to Bush: We Need the World – What? I thought the United States WAS the world???

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