There’s no such thing as… WHO???

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Dear -e-

I am in third grade.
Robby (who sits behind me in school) says there is no Santa Claus. This ruined my holiday, and I want him dead in the worst way. He says it is my parents buyeing the gifts and pretending it is from Santa.

Is this true? Is there really no Santa Claus?

Cindy P.      
Roanoke, Virginia

Dear Cindy:
Why do you listen to that jerk in your class, anyway? Isn’t this the same kid who said “Babies come from a cabbage patch”????

A few years back, my daughter was your age, and she came home crying because some trailer-trash-welfare-recipient kid told her the same damn thing… I looked her right in the eyes and told her:

“There IS a Santa Claus”.

To this day, I have NEVER lied to my kids.

We live in a world where legends grow. Mysteries and the unknown are all around us, and there are other DIMENSIONS and SPIRITUAL REALMS that we, as finite beings can never possibly comprehend… there is magic. There are miracles to those who believe. Anything you can say to doubt the existence of Santa Claus (aka St. Nicholas) can apply to any “God”, “Goddess”, or “Saint” you can think of…

Sometimes a little faith is required. And I am the “poster boy” of taking leaps of faith.

Parents buying gifts, and passing it off as Santa? Sure, some do. My wife and I have done it many years… but we also buy gifts from “Uncle John”, and “Grandma & Grandpa” (which they reimburse us later), to remind them that they love them too. Same for Santa.

But when my kids (or someone else’s) is in need… you can bet your bippy that Santa is there for them. He was there for us a few times, and I’ll never forget that.

There was one Christmas where we had nothing… but we never lost hope. Presents came in from everywhere, charities, social workers, and churches, and the kids had one one of the best Christmas’ ever, as the spirit of St. Nicholas filled the hearts of people everywhere… to this day, there is no other explaination that I can accept.

Each and every present was marked “From Santa“.
You know what? That’s good enough for me.

But you see, it’s not about “getting stuff”… it’s about GIVING. It’s about the spirit of peace and benevolence that sweeps the earth this time every year.

Can you feel it? That’s the spirit of St. Nicholas, which lives in all people, pure of heart… no matter what religion you chose to follow.

“Peace on Earth… Good will toward All.”

A guy that loads up a sled and visits every house on earth at tachyon speed? That’s just legend. 500 years from now, people will be saying Elvis walked on water, and built the pyramids (oh wait, they’re already saying that.).

On the battle fields, to terrorist attacks, where people escape from harm… miracles happen most this time of year.

… and it happens in ordinary ways, by ordinary people… moved by a force that they’ll never explain.

So yes, Cindy, of Roanoake Virginia… there IS a Santa Claus!
… at least to those who chose to believe in miracles. Don’t EVER lose your innocence, and child-like faith… you’ll need it when you get older. Trust me.

(P.S. Robby is a chronic bed wetter, and would die of embarrassment if that ever got out. No Santa Claus, huh? Wanna take three guesses WHO I got that little tidbit of information from?)

Eric Brooks

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11 thoughts on “There’s no such thing as… WHO???

  1. Damn E, you got me all choked up with that!! You really are an old softie, but I won’t tell. I promise. ;o)

  2. But don’t be too hard on Robby. Probably someone big in his life told him there was NO SANTA, as just another part of the cycle of abuse to which he is subject — probably why he still wets the bed.

    Virtual hugs -e-

  3. hark and alas…a tear forms in my eye. i’ll leave it to you to guess if it has been brought on by laughter or stirrings of the heart.

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