Welcome to the 21st Century, Mr. Brooks

HOORAY! Thanks to wonderful friends, I have finally joined the 21st Century and have a cellphone now. First order of business, take a 'Douchebag in the Mirror' pic. #DoingItRight


Seriously. I feel his pain.

Why does everyone love me so much?
via Yahoo Answers
Why I am awesome:
I feel as though:
If there was a God, I’d be his favorite.
If unicorns were real, they’d search for me as the mythical beast.
If Chuck Norris was at my house, he’d be making jokes about how awesome I am.
If a seeing person could see me, they’d go blind. And if I touched a blind man, he could see. But once he saw me, he’d be blind again.
If I was to get hit by a car, the car would merely split where it touched me.
If the sun was to consume earth, I would be the last survivor out in space.

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EMO Wednesday????

There is a reason I don’t hang out at Facebook all that much, you know…

Now That’s What I Call Emo : YouTube Edition (another emo video)
Hey emo kids, spin those grins into frowns with “Now That’s What I Call Emo : YouTube Edition!”

[Viral Humor] Ridiculous Self-Shots – GuysWithiPhones.com Captures Snaps of Macho Men (GALLERY)

From TrendHunter.com – Viral Humor and ComedyRidiculous Self-Shots – GuysWithiPhones.com Captures Snaps of Macho Men (GALLERY):

(TrendHunter.com) It?s difficult to tell whether these guys love themselves or their iPhones more. But next in the line of single-serving websites is GuysWithiPhones.com. Yes, there is a GirlsWithiPhones.com, too!


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