[Tutorial] For Developers: When to Choose a VPS

From TutorialzineFor Developers: When to Choose a VPS:

For Developers: When to Choose a VPSUpgrading from a shared hosting account to a Virtual Private Server is a worthy investment that opens great opportunities to the way you can develop web applications. But is it really worth the extra effort?

Send FREE Halloween E-Cards at EricBrooks.Com

Monster MashOver in my E-Cards section you can send out FREE Halloween E-Cards to friends and family… tons of theme music and graphics to choose from.

  • Halloween – Oooh… spooky stuff! From Scream to KISS. May I recommend Georgio Moroder’s “Theme From Halloween” for the background music?

  • Monster Mash – Animated fun with Frankie and company in their very own DisGHOULteque. Even the “Monster Mash” Midi file is here for you!


Awwww yeah!

Testing the new automated Twitter and Newsletter scripts for the site, and all systems are GO! In fact, I am sending out the first newsletter since January 2010 as we speak.

I needed to put in a ton of safeguards, a new CAPTCHA system, to keep the spambots from wreaking havok here.

Lots of stuff going on here, folks. I’ve spent most of the year gutting the site from the inside out, SEO’ing the heck out of it, and I got tons of news and content coming up.

Summer Update!

Yeah, normally about this time, I would post some update on how the revamping of EricBrooks.Com is going, along with some flashy stunt to get your attention.

Nope. Not this time. I’ve been taking it easy and enjoying this glorious Summer and I’ll have some stuff for you all soon. Hope you’re all having fun too.

No cheap sleazy attention whoring trickery from me this time. Nosiree Bob!

Visit EricBrooks.Com and very attractive people will want to have sex with you.

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EricBrooks.Com TutorialsA simple guide to RSS and how to use it in your bookmarks. RSS is great for busy people who just want to visit a site only when there is fresh content…

[Tutorial] How to Use RSS Feeds

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RSS TutorialA simple guide to RSS and how to use it in your bookmarks. RSS is great for busy people who just want to visit a site only when there is fresh content…

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