Dear UPS…

Well, where do I begin?

I registered on your site, all for the sole purpose of changing the shipping address to a package that couldn’t be delivered to me. Why? Because the 800 number on my card isn’t accepting any phone calls due to high volume.

After registering, I was offered an impressive and wide range of options. I now know the names of all the people who have handled the package, their GPA averages in school and their full sexual history. I was able to do everything except what I set out to do, which was change my damn mailing address. I found extensive details on how to go about doing this, except these links and buttons in the instructions were non-existant.

Once upon a time, I thought I was a fairly intelligent person.
Thanks for straightening me out on that misconception.


2 thoughts on “Dear UPS…

  1. Acctually, the easiest way to deal with UPS is to call them and be forcefull about it. If you put a slight cranky edge to your voice, it tends to get things done. It’s worked for me several times now, including the time they paid for my laptop which they damaged.

    Good luck!

  2. Heh heh… what I ended up doing was calling information (as the 800 # on their card was useless), getting the local UPS office that has the package. We straightened the address issue out… and lo and behold MY PACKAGE ARRIVED TODAY!

    I’m just amazed at how much is on that site except for the one simple thing I wanted to do (reroute my shipment), and I’m sure others need that as well… but I couldn’t find it! It may have been there and I’m a moron and missed it. Not ruling that out yet, but yeesh!

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