Top Headlines for March 30, 2018

Headline News from the Associated Press
  • US military: Syria bomb kills 2 coalition troops, wounds 5

    KOBANI, Syria (AP) — The U.S. military said Friday that two coalition personnel have been killed and five were wounded by a roadside bombing in Syria in a rare such attack since the U.S-led coalition sent troops into the war-torn country….
  • Brother of unarmed man killed by police redirects protests

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Hours after an emotional interruption at his brother's funeral, Stevante Clark helped defuse tension in California's capital city by asking protesters not to block thousands of fans from entering a downtown NBA arena for a third night….
  • California judge rules that coffee requires cancer warning

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — Scientists haven't rendered a verdict on whether coffee is good or bad for you but a California judge has. He says coffee sellers in the state should have to post cancer warnings….
  • Brake failure, a blown tire? Search for clues in SUV wreck

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Brake failure, a blown tire and factors such as the weather and road condition are among the factors that will be looked at by investigators trying to determine what caused an SUV carrying a Washington state family to plunge off a California cliff, but authorities might never figure out exactly what happened….
  • Trump loses a trusted aide, White House anxiety lingers

    WASHINGTON (AP) — With a handshake and a presidential kiss on the cheek, Hope Hicks bid farewell to the White House, the press-shy communications director taking a rare moment in the spotlight on her final day in Donald Trump's administration….
  • Gaza man killed by Israel tank fire as border tensions rise

    GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — A Palestinian farmer was killed by an Israeli tank shell in the Gaza Strip early on Friday, hours before Palestinians were to stage mass sit-ins along the border with Israel, a health official and a witness said….
  • US consulate staff in St. Petersburg prepare to leave

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia (AP) — U.S. consulate staff in St. Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city, are preparing to wind up operations after the Russian government ordered the consulate's closure….
  • Bishop’s fate highlights China’s power amid Vatican talks

    SAIQI, China (AP) — The twin-spired church in this southern Chinese village was packed with more than a thousand Catholics observing Good Friday, but the bishop who tends to the congregation was not among them. Just a day earlier, government agents had taken him away….
  • Taiwan suspect in US school attack plot had ‘unusual ideas’

    TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — People who knew the 18-year-old Taiwanese exchange student charged in the U.S. with threatening to shoot up his school say he liked guns and flamethrowers and had dreams of a police career….
  • Mormon youth interviews with bishops under scrutiny

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — A group of people demanding an end to one-on-one interviews between Mormon youth and lay leaders and the sexual questions that sometimes arise during the meetings plan to march to church headquarters Friday to show they're not satisfied despite a rule change this week that allows children to bring parents with them….
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