Top Headlines for April 05, 2018

Headline News from the Associated Press
  • Analysis: Wall Street’s patience with Trump has its limits

    WASHINGTON (AP) — For more than a year, Wall Street has largely ignored the unpredictability and chaos that has plagued Donald Trump's administration, confident that the businessman-turned-president's policies would juice the economy and that a team of mainstream advisers would keep more controversial proposals at bay….
  • Mueller’s Russia probe shows it pays to cooperate

    WASHINGTON (AP) — George Papadopoulos, taken by surprise by FBI agents at an airport last summer, now tweets smiling beach selfies with a Mykonos hashtag. Rick Gates, for weeks on home confinement with electronic monitoring, gets rapid approval for a family vacation and shaves down his potential prison time. Michael Flynn, once the target of a grand jury investigation, flies cross-country to stump for a California congressional candidate and books a speaking event in New York….
  • AP Explains: Why US militarization of border isn’t new

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — President Donald Trump's promise to use the National Guard to secure the U.S.-Mexico border isn't a new concept and is something the U.S. has done in the past for varying reasons….
  • YouTube shooter’s bizarre videos key to suspected motive

    MENIFEE, Calif. (AP) — The woman whom police say shot three people at YouTube's headquarters was prolific at producing videos and posting them online, many of them bizarre such as a clip in which she removes a revealing purple dress to expose fake breasts with the message, "Don't Trust Your Eyes."…
  • Missionaries at border spread Christianity to North Korea

    SOUTHERN JILIN PROVINCE, China (AP) — To the North Koreans gathered beneath a crucifix in an apartment in this northeastern Chinese border region, she is known as "mom." She feeds them, gives them a place to stay and, on occasion, money….
  • Fear grips Yemen’s Aden as deadly attacks target clerics

    SANAA, Yemen (AP) — A spate of deadly drive-by shootings targeting Muslim clerics and preachers has sparked panic and fear in Yemen's southern port city of Aden, prompting some imams to quit and abandon their mosques while dozens have fled the country….
  • Brazil’s top court rules against da Silva on prison

    RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — Brazil's top court voted narrowly in the early hours Thursday to turn down an attempt by former President Luiz Inacio da Silva to stay out of jail while he appeals a corruption conviction, a decision that will have widespread implications in this polarized nation….
  • Under the sea: Fighting Greece’s plastic trash problem

    LEGRENA, Greece (AP) — Dressed all in black and preparing his diving gear with loud zips and clicks, George Sarelakos looks like he's part of a Greek naval operation ready to storm an island or take down smugglers….
  • Comfort dogs in court do opposite for some defenders, judges

    HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — As dogs and other animals are increasingly used in courts to comfort and calm prosecution witnesses, a few voices are calling for keeping the practice on a short leash, saying they could bias juries….
  • Ian Poulter takes a harrowing path to Augusta National

    AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — No matter where Ian Poulter turns, there's someone with an outstretched hand and congratulatory words….
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