Top Headlines for September 09, 2017

Headline News from the Associated Press
  • After raking Caribbean, Irma gains strength, targets Florida

    ST. JOHN’S, Antigua (AP) — After battering Cuba early Saturday and leaving more than 20 dead across the Caribbean, newly strengthened Irma is taking aim at south Florida with 160 mph (257 kph) winds as another hurricane follows close behind….
  • Magnitude of Irma drives massive evacuation from Florida

    MIAMI (AP) — Hurricane Irma's relentless advance on Florida narrowed the window for residents to get to safety, with the latest forecasts shifting landfall southwest of the heavily populated Miami metro area….
  • Deadly quake, Hurricane Katia a one-two punch for Mexico

    JUCHITAN, Mexico (AP) — One of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded in Mexico and a raging hurricane dealt a devastating one-two punch to the country, killing at least 61 people as workers scrambled to respond to the twin national emergencies….
  • Syrian army in race with US-armed fighters for eastern Syria

    BEIRUT (AP) — U.S.-backed Syrian fighters are preparing an offensive against the Islamic State group in eastern Syria along the border with Iraq in a race with government forces marching in the same direction against the extremists in their last major holdout in Syria….
  • AP Exclusive: Flooding threatens toxic sites as Irma nears

    MIAMI (AP) — Dozens of staff from the Environmental Protection Agency are working to help secure some of the nation's most contaminated toxic waste sites as Hurricane Irma bears down on Florida. The agency said its employees are evacuating personnel, securing equipment and safeguarding hazardous materials ahead of expected storm surges and heavy rains….
  • Norway wrestles with EU ties, national values before vote

    STAVANGER, Norway (AP) — Norway's upcoming election has sparked a wide-ranging debate about national values, leaving voters wrestling with how close the Nordic country should be to the European Union and what its responsibilities are toward migrants and asylum-seekers….
  • Little US pressure amid talk of ethnic cleansing in Myanmar

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Don't expect the United States to step in and resolve what is increasingly being describing as an ethnic cleansing campaign against Myanmar's downtrodden Rohingya Muslims….
  • Pope embraces Colombian victims, ex-fighters in peace bid

    VILLAVICENCIO, Colombia (AP) — Pope Francis brought together thousands of victims of Colombia's half-century-long conflict with their former victimizers, presiding over a prayer for reconciliation Friday in hopes of solidifying the country's peace process and healing still-fresh wounds….
  • Giant portrait of toddler peers over US-Mexico border wall

    TECATE, Calif. (AP) — A photo of a giant toddler stands in Mexico and peers over a steel wall dividing the country from the United States….
  • Winds, fire, floods and quakes: A nutty run of nature

    WASHINGTON (AP) — With four big hurricanes, a powerful earthquake and wildfires, it seems that nature recently has just gone nuts….
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