Top Headlines for October 04, 2017

Headline News from the Associated Press
  • Las Vegas gunman’s girlfriend returns to US for questioning

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — The Las Vegas gunman's girlfriend, back in the United States after a weekslong trip abroad, will be at the center of the investigation into the shooting deaths of 59 people as authorities try to determine why a man with no known record of violence or crime would open fire on a concert crowd from a high-rise hotel….
  • ‘I wasn’t ready to die,’ says Vegas victim from hospital bed

    LAS VEGAS (AP) — Tubes connecting to veins in her arms, Natalie Vanderstay clutches a pillow to her stomach, over the spot where a bullet entered her body. Blankets cover the leg that was ripped apart, doctors believe by shrapnel….
  • Las Vegas high-rise shooting scenario a security nightmare

    NEW YORK (AP) — A Las Vegas shooter's perch in a 32nd-floor hotel room overlooking 22,000 people jammed into a country music festival below is just the kind of nightmare scenario police dread in places where big crowds and high-rises mix….
  • Trump to visit Las Vegas, meet with survivors

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will reckon with the aftermath of a deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas as he meets Wednesday with survivors and law enforcement officials in a time of grief….
  • Analysis: If attacks aim to divide US-Cuba, they’re working

    WASHINGTON (AP) — When Americans started falling ill last year in Havana, the victims of eerie, invisible attacks, investigators seized on a key question: Who had the motive to drive the United States and Cuba apart?…
  • US travel warning troubles Cuba’s small-business operators

    HAVANA (AP) — A U.S. State Department travel warning for Cuba following mysterious attacks that harmed nearly two dozen American diplomats has come like a bucket of cold water for the aspirations of thousands of private entrepreneurs on the island….
  • Masks and gloves worn in court as VX-tainted evidence shown

    SHAH ALAM, Malaysia (AP) — A Malaysian judge and court officials wore face masks and surgical gloves in court Wednesday as samples were admitted as evidence of where VX nerve agent was found on the body and clothing of the estranged half brother of North Korea's leader….
  • 60 years after Sputnik, Russian space program faces troubles

    MOSCOW (AP) — Six decades after Sputnik, a refined version of the rocket that put the first artificial satellite in orbit remains the mainstay of Russia's space program – a stunning tribute to the country's technological prowess, but also a sign that it has failed to build upon its achievements….
  • Senators weigh bill to remove obstacles to self-driving cars

    WASHINGTON (AP) — A bill to clear away obstacles to a new era of self-driving cars is facing opposition from safety advocates who say it would give automakers free rein to put unsafe vehicles on the road….
  • Judge, Gregorius, bullpen rally wild-card Yankees past Twins

    NEW YORK (AP) — Minutes into the playoff debut for these young New York Yankees, they trailed Minnesota by three runs. Their starting pitcher lasted just one out. A sellout crowd was stunned….
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