Top Headlines for December 06, 2017

Headline News from the Associated Press
  • Amid warnings, Trump forges ahead on Jerusalem-as-capital

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday despite intense Arab, Muslim and European opposition to a move that would upend decades of U.S. policy and risk potentially violent protests….
  • Temporary OK for travel ban puts focus on Wednesday hearing

    SEATTLE (AP) — The U.S. Supreme Court's decision allowing President Donald Trump's third travel ban to take effect – at least for now – has intensified the attention on a legal showdown Wednesday afternoon before three judges in Seattle who have previously been cool to the administration's efforts….
  • Trump decision on Jerusalem could have deep repercussions

    JERUSALEM (AP) — President Donald Trump's move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital on Wednesday could have deep repercussions across the region….
  • Winds churn California wildfires, keep aircraft from helping

    VENTURA, Calif. (AP) — The same vicious winds that turned three Southern California wildfires into destructive dynamos were also making the firefight more difficult….
  • As UN envoy visits, a look at N.Korea’s diplomatic pipelines

    TOKYO (AP) — North Korea's decision to hold talks with a senior United Nations official, who is also an American citizen and former U.S. diplomat, presents a rare opportunity for both sides to sound each other out in the increasingly isolated North Korean capital….
  • Kremlin to analyze IOC ban before taking any steps

    MOSCOW (AP) — The Kremlin needs to analyze the International Olympic Committee's ruling to bar Russia and its sports officials from the upcoming Pyeongchang Games before making any decisions regarding the country's participation, a spokesman for President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday….
  • Nigerian migrants return from Libya with tales of horror

    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) — Some knelt and placed their foreheads to the ground in prayer. Several carried small children. After being stranded in Libya on a failed attempt to reach Europe, more than 250 Nigerian migrants were brought home and began sharing stories of abuse and fear….
  • Amid positive talk, some in GOP offer blunt take on taxes

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Sounding a discordant note among the positive talk on the tax bill, a number of Republicans are delivering a blunt assessment, casting the bill as a boost to big corporations and the wealthy instead of the middle class….
  • West Coast crisis leads to rise in US homeless population

    LOS ANGELES (AP) — The nation's homeless population increased this year for the first time since 2010, driven by a surge in the number of people living on the streets in Los Angeles and other West Coast cities….
  • APNewsBreak: Network news accusers form victim support group

    Women who say they were sexually harassed or mistreated by powerful men in television news have banded together to form a support network aimed at changing a newsroom culture they say has given men a free pass to misbehave for decades….
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